The Diamond Tripartite

The Diamond Tripartite

Beautification of the face is best achieved when a plastic surgeon focuses on multiple aspects of the facial structure. Attention to only one or two points of detail will be inadequate in achieving one’s full potential for facial attractiveness. A multifaceted approach for the enhancement of a patient’s facial structure provides more satisfying results. Dr. Diamond’s revolutionary technique called “The Diamond Tripartite” can produce gratifying and fulfilling results in beautifying the face.

What Is “The Diamond Tripartite”?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a tripartite is something that consists of three parts. The Diamond Tripartite, then, is a three-part technique developed by Dr. Diamond to provide facial enhancement. Instead of addressing just one aspect of the face, it uses a three-fold approach to achieve maximum enhancement of the face and neck.

The Diamond Tripartite is an innovative technique developed by Dr. Diamond. Using three high-definition modalities, The Diamond Tripartite enhances the lower face, neck, and jawline beyond that which would be possible with an isolated approach. The Tripartite’s three modalities are customized facial implants, a minimally invasive neck lift, and laser skin tightening.

Dr. Diamond - Chin implant, fat grafting, brow lift, facelift.Customized Facial Implants

Facial structure is central to attractiveness. A well-defined jawline creates a more aesthetically pleasing facial shape, as evidenced by the beautiful faces of many celebrities, both male and female. Dr. Diamond uses the latest technology to take a CT scan of a person’s face, create a life-size replica of the jawbone, and then handcraft a customized implant to enhance the patient’s jaw and chin. Customized implants help Dr. Diamond to mold the shape of the jawline and create a more attractively contoured face shape.

Dr. Diamond - Chin implant, fat grafting, brow lift, faceliftMinimally Invasive Neck Lift

A minimally invasive neck lift tightens loose skin on the neck with minimal healing and risk for the patient. Dr. Diamond weaves a series of sutures underneath the skin to support the neck musculature, creating an unseen scaffolding that defines the neck in a more pleasing way. With very little dissection, the minimally invasive neck lift leaves no visible scars and heals much more quickly than a standard facelift and neck lift. This approach provides subtle, yet powerful correction of the jowls in combatting lax skin under the chin and jaw.

Laser Skin Tightening

Youthful, beautiful faces have healthy skin that is tight, plump, and smooth. Dr. Diamond uses Forma™ to tighten the skin of the face and neck and stimulate new collagen formation to rejuvenate the skin. This treatment helps the skin to contract and take on a more attractive and youthful appearance. The number of laser skin tightening treatments you may need will depend on your skin quality and your desired improvements.

The Diamond Tripartite combines customized implants, a minimally invasive neck lift, and laser skin tightening to rejuvenate and beautify the face. Perfectly designed to accommodate men and women of a wide range of ages, The Diamond Tripartite can correct loose skin, improve facial structure, enhance jaw and neck definition, and rejuvenate the appearance. To learn more, request your consultation with Dr. Jason B. Diamond, Celebrity Plastic Surgeon. Call (310) 859-9816, or complete our online contact form to book your appointment with Dr. Diamond today.