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Facial Implants

If you look at the beautiful people of 2013, you will see that they all have a strong jaw line, adequate chin projection and adequate cheek projection, notes Dr. Diamond. These are all features that can make you look more confident and assertive.

Even if you are not born with these features, you can still achieve the look through the use of facial implants. Dr. Diamond should know, he gained his knowledge about facial implant techniques by studying under the two physicians who essentially created the field.


For flat or underdeveloped cheekbones, cheek augmentation with cheek implants can correct the problem. It may also compensate for a sunken appearance of the cheeks resulting from aging or acne scarring. The procedure is typically completed in less than an hour.


Chin implants can compensate for a weak or undefined chin. This technique brings the receding chin into better harmony with your other facial features, creating a more pleasing facial balance. The procedure generally takes less than an hour.


Jaw implants can create a stronger, more defined jaw line. Men who want a more chiseled appearance in their jaw line may wish to consider this procedure, which takes less than two hours to complete. More than one implant procedure can be performed at a time, and implant surgery can also be combined with face lift surgery.