Read Dr. Diamond’s Testimonials

Dr. Diamond,

Created by God,

If you are considering any kind of cosmetic surgery on your face you want to go to a doctor who pays great attention to detail and has a warm and dynamic team. That’s what you’ll find at The Diamond Face Institute.

After interviewing other prominent surgeons in Beverly Hills, I chose Dr. Diamond to lift my upper and lower eyelids and transfer fat from my stomach to selected areas on my face. I trusted him to do the very best job and I’m happy to report he did. He is an outstanding doctor, caring, gentle, and easy to talk to. He is also a perfectionist, who takes great pride in his work.

The team that works with Dr. Diamond, both in his office and at the surgical center, is A+. They are thorough, conscientious and kind.

Immediately after surgery I went to the Pearl Recovery Center and that decision also contributed to the success of my surgery.

Although the first and most important decision is who you trust to do your surgery; healing is an essential ingredient in the process.

It is important to start your recovery under the best possible circumstances which is why I stayed at the Pearl Recovery Retreat. I extended my original stay from one night to three because I felt being there was expediting my healing. I was impressed with the quality of care I received and in retrospect, I’m certain it made a significant difference.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience and when I look in the mirror I’m very happy with the new and improved me.

Thank you,

– CLM Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Diamond,

Your and your whole team have been so incredible to me! I’m the most confident I’ve every been. Thank you for taking the time and being so amazing at what you do (it’s why you’re the best!!)
I just wanted you and your staff to know how grateful I am in these crazy times.
I hope everyone and their loved ones have a happy holiday !

– X0, Lily

Dr. Diamond

Thank you for everything you do to make me feel beautiful.
Thank you for keeping me young! I don’t know what I would do with you and Tammy.
Love, your favorite patient,

– Steph-

Dr. Diamond-

Thank you so much for your amazing work. You are such a great doctor and person in general. It has been a pleasure being able to be one of your patients. Your, as well as your work, are truly one of a kind. Along with being a great doctor, I am certain you are just as great husband, as well as father. Know that whatever role you serve – no one can fill your shoes…

– Sincerely, L. C.

Dear Dr. Diamond & office.

Thank you for always being so kind, compassionate and caring I appreciate each and every one of you! Blessings upon blessings in 2021!
May this be the best year yet.

– Love, Rachel

Dear Dr. Diamond, Tammy and Staff.

I felt compelled to send a written note of thanks and deep gratitude to all of you for your exceptional kindness and professionalism. I have seen Dr. Diamond for a surgical consult for a mini-facelift, neck lift and chin implant on multiple occasions starting in 2015. I know right away I was in a whole other level of expertise and “finesse” with Dr. Diamond. I wasn’t quite ready in 2015 and this last year when I was mentally ready, I have had health and financial issues that make me have to post-pone it once again. As I told Tammy, it just hasn’t been our year, haha.
So even thought I can’t go forward with the surgery right at this moment I still want to than you all for your kindness and compassion.
Every single time I have called, each staff member has been professional and courteous. And in the day and age, we need kindness and compassion shown to one another more than ever. And I send a special note of thanks to both Tammy and Dr. Diamond. No question I asked ever seemed too silly or far-fetched. You treated me with dignity, respect and with utmost compassion. And most of all you have been amazingly patient with me! So I thank you with deepest gratitude…because in the end what kind of person we are and how wee treat each other is what will be remembered about us the most. And you all treat everyone with love.
Thank you for all you do!
With deepest gratitude,

– Cara

“I wanted to have my nose done ever since I can remember but was always so afraid of the outcome – what if I didn’t look like myself, what if I hated my new nose? I finally met with Dr. Diamond and a month later had the rhinoplasty. My only regret is that I waited this long to have the procedure. I absolutely love my new nose! I now get excited when people take profile photos of me whereas in the past, I would hide my face. Dr. Diamond feels like family – he cares tremendously about your happiness and comfort and the entire process was a breeze. I have already sent several friends to him as I wouldn’t want anyone to go to anyone else. Thank you Dr. D!”

– C.G. Los Angeles, CA

“I absolutely love my new nose and lips. I can’t imagine how good it’s going to look after the swelling subsides. Please thank Dr. Diamond for me. He really is the greatest. In all of my experience with doctors, never have I received the kind of attention that Dr. Diamond devotes to his patients. He’s so sincere and down to earth. He was kind enough to autograph my cast for me – LOL And if that wasn’t enough, his staff is top notch!!! Thank you guys for taking such good care of me. This whole experience has exceeded my expectations. You have a patient for life.”

– N.L. New York, NY

Dr. Diamond,

It’s been two weeks since my procedures: face lift, neck lift, C02 laser resurfacing, fat injections, cheek implants, and a rhinoplasty. My husband asked me if I would do it all over again and I said, “Yes, in a heartbeat!” and I sincerely mean it. Before our consultation I had many concerns and doubts which is only natural when dealing with surgery of the face. However, you set my mind at ease by truly listening to my concerns and answering all my questions in a way that I could fully understand. You spent a significant amount of time and were never in a rush to answer my questions and explain the procedures. I came away feeling very confident in your abilities and I knew I could trust you. This allowed me to focus on your instructions for after surgery so that my recovery would be quick and the results positive. Despite being only two weeks post-op, I already am so happy with my results! I’m especially thrilled with how you repaired my deviated septum! After so many years, I can finally breath normally and my nose looks terrific.

What an amazing work family you have in Janet, Lynsay, and Ashley! These ladies were always respectful, caring, and knowledgeable. They took great care of me and were always there with a smile. I am truly happy with the outcome of all the procedures and so glad I took your suggestion to add cheek implants and the rhinoplasty. Thank you so much!


– A.S. Portland, Oregon

Hi Dr. Diamond and Janet!

Just touching base as it’s been 8 weeks now. The nose is looking absolutely perfect, I am soooo happy with it! I just can’t thank you enough. LOVE your work.


– J.H. Seattle, WA

The past year has been amazing for myself; the compliments and the confidence continue to escalate. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my surgery!

– L.C.

Dear Dr. Diamond,

“It’s been four weeks since my surgery, and I am so excited about the results. The swelling and bruising have gone away, and I swear I look 10-15 years younger!”

– P.A. Tucson, AZ

Dr. Diamond, Janet and Katie,

“I just wanted to thank you Dr. Diamond for everything you have done for me. I am so incredibly happy with the results from my rhinoplasty. You have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough. You and your staff are so caring and made me feel so comfortable and welcome from the minute I stepped into your office. You all made this process so easy for me and I appreciate all of you so much! Thank you guys so much! Thank you guys so much again. I love my nose!! You guys all rock!”


– L.M. Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Diamond,

“It’s been a few months sine my Revision Rhinoplasty, and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am! You have given me the nose I have always wanted, and I can finally breathe through my nose after so many years! After having my first Rhinoplasty with another surgeon I was so disappointed and unhappy and thought I would never achieve a beautiful nose. Since having my surgery with you, it has changed my life, and I love my nose!!”

– A.K. New York, NY

“Since my surgery for a deviated septum and rhinoplasty, I feel like I have a new lease on life! I can finally breathe through my nose and my nose looks amazing. Dr. Diamond has changed my life in a positive way. I would highly recommend Dr. Diamond to anyone who needs this procedure. I am very satisfied with my results.”

– S.S. San Francisco, CA

Hi Janet and Dr. Diamond,

“I hope you are doing as well as I am! It’s been a few weeks since my facelift and fat transfers, and I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you have done. Every week I see more definition in my jawline and all over my face! You are a true artist and genius doctor! Thank you again for everything.”

– H.M. Las Vegas, NV

“I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. Words cannot express how happy I am with the results of my facial rejuvenation. My self esteem is through the roof and I’m ready to open a new chapter of my life.”

– M.C. Miami, FL

I used to watch Dr. Diamond in Dr. 90210 a while back and was amazed at his work back then. I had a bad nose surgery here at home and realized that I couldn’t live with it any more. So I flew in from out of the U.S. to have my surgery done with Dr. Diamond. I was very impressed with his very professional staff who made me feel comfortable and relaxed before and after the surgery. The result of my revision rhinoplasty is unbelievable and exceeded my expectations. I had a rhinoplasty that left my nose with visible pinch on the tip which made it look unnatural and itchy, and Dr. Diamond was capable enough to use rib grafts to smooth out the pinch leaving my nose looking natural and masculine again. I told a couple of people after I removed my nose cast that I had a nose surgery in LA and they told me it didn’t look like I had one at all! This is what you get with Dr. Diamond, a real natural look and this is why I chose him.

Thank you Dr. Diamond.

– B.A. Dubai

Dear Janet,

“I was extremely impressed with all levels of service I received from Dr. Diamond’s office starting with the amount of time I spent with the doctor, the multiple attention I was given from other office members as well as the procedure. The experience exceeded my expectations and I will be back for more treatments. Thank you!”


– M.G. Beverly Hills, CA

“Dr. Diamond has done such an amazing job! My rhinoplasty procedure was better than what I could have ever expected. Dr. Diamond addressed every issue I had with my nose from the medium sized lump at the top of my nose to the revising of my previous lip augmentation. I can’t wait until my nose has fully healed! You’re the best Dr. Diamond. Thank you.”


– LB New York