Dr. Jason B. Diamond, Featured In

Allure Magazine Shares Secrets of Dr. Jason Diamond, Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

Celebrity plastic surgeons have a lot of secrets to keep, but sometimes, the world is lucky enough to get a peek into their world. Beautifying the rich and famous requires a particular knowledge, experience, and finesse that only the finest plastic surgeons can offer. Dr. Jason B. Diamond shared some of his secrets and stories in an issue of expert beauty magazine Allure.

Secrets of Celebrity Plastic SurgeonsCalled “Secrets of Celebrity Plastic Surgeons,” this article quoted the unique experiences of Dr. Diamond and other plastic surgeons who have the privilege of working with celebrities and other top name clients. The article was published in Allure’s February 2017 issue, which featured a beautiful, bare-faced Alicia Keys on its cover.

In the article, Dr. Diamond gives the inside scoop on what it’s really like to do what he does. After reading about his experiences with the secret Russian underground and A-listers who demand nighttime visits and a “black van” with security guards, you’ll quickly realize how exciting it can be—and how easily it can raise your blood pressure. You can read the Allure article for yourself on Dr. Diamond’s website.

Enhancing the appearances of the beautiful faces we see in the media is only possible when the plastic surgeon has a deep understanding of beauty and aesthetics. Dr. Diamond’s artistic eye and broad experience as a double board-certified plastic surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon in the industry help him do for his patients what others cannot. There’s nothing easy about what Dr. Diamond does, but he feels privileged to be able to help every single one of his patients, no matter their social status.

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