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Dr. Diamond Discusses Shifting Beauty Standards

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There is a great joke about how our grandchildren will look back on our youth differently than we look back on our grandparents. Instead of the grainy photos of teens at a formal dance, our grandkids will have digital access to clean selfies, with a snapchat filter or two thrown in. Times are changing, but is how we view beauty shifting with it? Dr. Diamond sat down with Bhavna Anna Guyadeen of the Huffington Post to answer, Is the Standard of Female Beauty Changing?

In Summary, Diamond Says No

Guyadeen chose to sit down with Dr. Diamond because he is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the mecca of Hollywood beauty—Beverly Hills. You can view his extensive credentials on our media page. According to Diamond, it’s not the standards of beauty that are changing, merely people’s access to procedures that allow them to conform to that beauty. It’s not just celebrities who seek out plastic surgery; regular people of all demographics can erase genetic deformities, pause the clock, and prolong their youth.

Plastic Surgery Is No Different Than the Gym

In Dr. Diamond’s opinion, plastic surgery is just one way to transform yourself. Society doesn’t judge people who choose to go to the gym and lose weight. While there isn’t an exercise to make your face more symmetrical, there is a procedure that can be performed. Both losing weight and restoring facial balance are rooted in the idea of looking more attractive and feeling more confident with your body.

Plastic Surgery Is for Both Men and Women

The need to feel attractive doesn’t discriminate based on gender. While men tend to be more accepting of their age, they still don’t want to lose the masculine definition of their features. At The Diamond Face Institute, both men and women routinely undergo procedures such as Diamond Facial Sculpting®, facelift, neck lift, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation.

The question isn’t, “Do I fit today’s standard of beauty?” Instead, you should be asking, “Do I feel confident when I look in the mirror?” If the answer is no, you shouldn’t feel ashamed to visit the gym, fill your wrinkles, or restore facial balance. Everyone is entitled to feeling amazing.