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Beverly Hills Lip Augmentation

The lips are one of the most noticeable features of the face, but hereditary factors and the aging process leave some people unsatisfied with the appearance of theirs. Many patients desire cosmetic treatment known as lip augmentation or lip enhancement to restore shape and volume to the lips. With this procedure, our Beverly Hills practice has helped countless people improve the attractiveness of their lips.

Achieved With Lip Augmentation Surgery

While the lips are smooth and full when we are young, they tend to develop wrinkles and thin out over time.

Lip augmentation eliminates wrinkles and adds fullness to the lips, so patients look noticeably younger.

Many people are born with naturally thin lips that can make them feel self-conscious.

After lip augmentation, patients can enjoy full, plump lips, and they often develop a renewed sense of confidence.

Aging in the lips often causes loose and sagging skin around the mouth as well.

A lip augmentation smoothes out the skin on and around the lips.

Lip Augmentation Options

Fat transfer

  • Fat tissue is removed from an area of the body, such as the thighs or abdomen, and is transferred to the lips
  • Can potentially provide permanent results


  • FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers are strategically injected into the lips
  • Results are visible immediately and last approximately 6 months

Lip Lift

  • The lips are elevated and recontoured through tiny incisions inside the lips or under the nose
  • Provides enduring results

Lip Implants

  • Silicone implants are inserted into the lips through incisions inside the corners of the mouth
  • Provides permanent results

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

Although the recovery process varies depending on which form of lip enhancement is performed, most patients can resume their normal routines in little to no time at all.

  • Fat Transfer: Very limited downtime (2 to 3 days)
  • Fillers: No downtime
  • Lip Lift: 7 to 10 days of downtime
  • Lip Implants: 7 to 10 days of downtime
  • Fat Transfer: Minimal pain, but over-the-counter pain medication can be taken to ease discomfort.
  • Fillers: Little to no pain will exist.
  • Lip Lift: Minimal pain, but prescribed medication can be taken to alleviate any pain that may exist during the first couple days of recovery.
  • Lip Implants: Minimal pain, but prescribed medication can be taken to alleviate any pain that may exist during the first couple days of recovery.
  • Fat Transfer: No scarring
  • Fillers: No scarring
  • Lip Lift: Scarring will be concealed inside the upper and lower lip or under the nose.
  • Lip Implants: Scarring will be concealed within the mouth.

Although some discomfort is expected, it will be greatly reduced with prescribed medication.

The cost of lip augmentation depends on which form of enhancement is performed. The option best suited for you will be determined during a consultation with Dr. Diamond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Augmentations

A: Ideal candidates for lip augmentation are in good overall health and are bothered by thin lips or signs of aging in their lips and the surrounding areas.
A: While treatment with fillers usually takes just a few minutes to perform, fat transfer, lip lift, or lip implant surgery can take upwards of an hour to complete.
A: A lip augmentation involving a fat transfer is long lasting, although secondary treatments may be needed because some of the fat will be absorbed by the body. Enhancement with hyaluronic acid filler injections lasts roughly six months, and the lip lift procedure and lip implants provide permanent results.