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Permanent Lip Enhancement

Full Lips is the sign of youth and is considered a sexy feature for both the woman and man. A youthful and sexy mouth consists of a full upper lip that does not fully cover the upper teeth with the mouth slightly open. The bottom half of the upper teeth should be visible when the mouth is slightly open. As we age the upper lip becomes longer and thinner and often covers all visibility of the upper teeth and this creates a less attractive look. There are many ways to create a permanent lip augmentation for those people who are not interested in the temporary fillers.

Fat transfer to the lips has the potential to create a permanent result but this is unpredictable and may not last permanently. Fat transfer to the lips creates a natural and beautiful result. Fat transfer may need to be repeated multiple times to achieve the desired result for some people. This is a great option for people who are already having other areas of their face injected with fat or for those people who will be under general anesthesia for other procedures and are looking for lip augmentation at the same time.

The lip lift does create a permanent augmentation to the upper lip and is the only procedure that can shorten the distance of the upper lip such that the upper teeth can become visible on those people who lack this attractive feature. Often times this procedure in conjunction with a fat transfer to the lip is the perfect combination for those people looking for a truly sexy mouth.

Artefill is a new filler that has been around for many years and studied at great depth in other countries and determined to be safe. This product has been FDA approved in America since the beginning of 2008. This is a permanent filler that is performed in the office. Artefill is a great option for those people who have been very happy with the temporary fillers but are looking for a permanent solution.