Dr. Diamond’s MINSTA – Mini InstaFacial®

Regenerate. Replenish. Revive.

So many are on a quest to look their best and seek anything that will help them reach this goal. Developed by our renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Diamond, the METACINE Mini InstaFacial® or “MINSTA” is a mini version of his highly sought-after InstaFacial® procedure. This innovative treatment combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced skin care techniques, delivering immediate results to unlock radiant skin and increase confidence.

How Does the MINSTA Mini InstaFacial® Stand Out?

This non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure targets common skin care concerns, including dullness, uneven texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. Using advanced technologies and medical-grade skincare products, this Mini InstaFacial® delivers immediate results and long-lasting benefits for your skin.

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What Can a Mini InstaFacial® Treatment Do for Me?

Whether you’re looking to improve your complexion for a special event, maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin between more invasive procedures, or delay early signs of aging, this treatment can help you achieve your skincare goals.

How Can I Improve My Complexion With a MINSTA InstaFacial®?

Woman with glowing skin

Step #1 DiamondGlow®

Your treatment starts with Diamond Glow®. Dr. Diamond uses his patented diamond-tipped exfoliating and extracting device, which also infuses your skin with potent serums selected based on your individual needs and goals.

Woman getting a laser treatment done

Step #2 Lyma Laser Therapy

Next, Dr. Diamond provides Lyma Laser Therapy, a lifting treatment with a low-level laser or near-infrared light. This step targets all the layers of your skin to promote cell regeneration and collagen production.

Woman getting a laser treatment done
Woman with a gel face mask on

Step #3 CO2LIFT® Carboxy Therapy

A CO2LIFT® Carboxy therapy treatment in the form of a CO2 gel mask is applied to the skin, triggering a rush of oxygen-rich blood to the area for detoxification and hydration. This step leads to brighter, hydrated, and smoother skin.



This final two-step process provides enhanced results similar to PRP treatments. The first step involves the application of InstaFacial® plasma (with human-identical growth hormones) to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The second step consists of applying the InstaFacial® emulsion, a cream (chock full of bioactive retinoids, lipopeptides, niacinamide, and a hyaluronic acid complex). This final step supports collagen regeneration and faster cell renewal for plumper, more hydrated skin without irritation.


Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

What Is My Recovery Like After My Mini InstaFacial®?

There is little to no downtime associated with the mini InstaFacial®. However, using a good sunblock or finding other ways to protect the treated skin from harmful UV rays is essential.

Will There Be Scars After MINSTA®?

The Diamond mini InstaFacial® is non-surgical and leaves no scarring, only more youthful, radiant skin.

How Much Does the Diamond Mini InstaFacial® Cost?

The Diamond MINSTA procedure is personalized to meet your skin needs by creating an individualized treatment plan. Therefore, costs may vary depending on the extent of each step and additional serums used. Dr. Diamond will provide an estimate of your total cost after a virtual or in-person consultation.

Is a MINSTA Treatment Painful?

One advantage of this treatment is that it is fast, painless, and provides excellent results.

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Diamond Mini InstaFacial® FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Am I a candidate for the Diamond Mini InstaFacial®?

The Mini InstaFacial® treatment is suitable for individuals of all skin types and tones who want to improve their skin’s overall health and appearance. It is an excellent option for those with busy lifestyles who want to achieve radiant, glowing skin.

How should I maintain my Diamond InstaFacial® results?

The Diamond MINSTA InstaFacial® can be used to maintain the results of other, more intensive procedures or on its own. To maintain your stand-alone MINSTA InstaFacial® results, follow Dr. Diamond’s post-treatment instructions, wear sunscreen, use pharmacy-grade skin care products, which are available in our shop, and consider having annual treatments.

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Should I consider a MINSTA Treatment after my InstaFacial® Procedure?

Avoid prolonged sun exposure following an original Diamond InstaFacial®. Prolong your initial InstaFacial® results by scheduling a MINSTA treatment four months to a year after your final session.

How many treatments will I need?

This treatment is designed to require only one hour-long session for results lasting between four months and a year, depending on factors that include other potential skin-enhancing procedures. However, this longevity can vary based on the condition of the patient’s skin, lifestyle, and sun exposure.

Are there any side effects?

The Diamond MINSTA InstaFacial® is safe, effective, and free from side effects for almost anyone, but patients receiving this treatment should not be actively experiencing a rash, infection, or sores.

How soon will I see my results?

You will see immediate improvements in your complexion after a mini InstaFacial® with additional benefits appearing over the following weeks. Expect smaller pore size, enhanced tone, and smoother skin texture.