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Beverly Hills Diamond Facial Sculpting

Not all facial procedures are meant to take years off of one’s appearance. Diamond Facial Sculpting gives patients the facial definition they desire to mirror the aesthetic appeal of Hollywood’s most beautiful elite. Dr. Diamond developed a unique, unparalleled facial sculpting procedure to improve the contours, shadows, and angularity of the face without the need for major surgery.

Benefits of Diamond Facial Sculpting

Dr. Diamond gives his patients the chiseled, sculpted bone structure of their dreams.

Today’s most attractive people have a precise balance in the topography of their facial structures. Diamond Facial Sculpting can enhance the shape of the cheeks, jaw, and chin and provide optimal definition as needed. Dr. Diamond carefully evaluates each of his patients’ needs and designs a treatment plan that will give them the look for which they yearn.

Diamond Facial Sculpting is perfect for patients who do not or cannot undergo major surgery.

Not everyone wants or has the time to undergo surgical procedures. Luckily, Dr. Diamond has developed his own technique to give his patients the cosmetic improvements they long for without the use of implants or general anesthesia. Diamond Facial Sculpting is an excellent alternative to surgery because it requires no downtime.

Patients can be in and out of the office with incredible results in less than one hour.

Diamond Facial Sculpting is performed in the office and only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Because Dr. Diamond injects the fillers deep into the facial tissues, there is minimal to no swelling or bruising. Results are immediately visible, and patients can go right back to their normal routine following the procedure.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

There is little to no downtime required after Diamond Facial Sculpting. Most patients see immediate results and may resume their regular activities directly following the procedure.

Because Diamond Facial Sculpting is non-invasive, it does not result in any visible scarring.

An in-person consultation appointment is needed so that Dr. Diamond can determine the best recommendations. At that time, we are happy to provide an estimate as to the cost.

There is minimal to no pain during this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Facial Sculpting

A: Diamond Facial Sculpting® alone is not intended to make patients look younger; however, when paired with the Diamond Non-surgical Facelift, Diamond Facial Sculpting® will add definition to your bone structure while reversing the signs of aging. It can also be performed at the same time as BOTOX® Cosmetic and other facial filler treatments.
A: Most fillers are injected just under the skin and do not produce any anatomical change. Dr. Diamond cultivated a unique approach to facial sculpting that alters the shape of the bone structure to produce a chiseled, natural result. He injects fillers directly onto the surface of the bone, which eliminates the chance of lumps or irregularities.
A: Men and women of all ages can enjoy stunning results from Diamond Facial Sculpting®. It can enhance the natural contours of the face for younger patients, or it may be paired with other facial rejuvenation techniques to address signs of aging as well. Dr. Diamond will assess your condition and discuss his recommendations with you during a personal consultation.
A: Typically, patients who undergo the Diamond Facial Sculpting® treatment enjoy results for as long as a year and a half.
A: Ideal candidates interested in our Diamond Facial Sculpting® treatment must be in good health, non-smokers, and realistic about their results.
A: Our Diamond Facial Sculpting® can enhance your overall facial appearance to provide you with natural-looking results that will leave your skin beautiful.
A: Because Diamond Facial Sculpting® is a safe, non-surgical treatment, swelling and bruising are minimal, and you can expect to return to your daily activities immediately following your treatment.