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Beverly Hills Customized Implants

Customized Implants

At The Diamond Face Institute, Dr. Diamond and his surgical team have been utilizing the newest and greatest technology to create the most modern improvements in facial structure and enhancement. Most of the beautiful faces in Hollywood, including both men and women, have beautifully defined chins, cheeks, and jawlines. The bony structure is a crucial component to an attractive and aesthetically pleasing face.

Until now, we used stock chin and jaw implants for facial augmentation. There are many different shapes and sizes available, but they are still stock implants that need to be slightly shaved and changed intraoperatively to give the patient the best result. Chin implants are very effective when done this way. However, jaw implants have a lot of variabilities, and they have a high failure rate when done this way because of the significant differences in jaw anatomy from person to person. Custom implants increase the success rate and overall results, revolutionizing the facial sculpting experience.

The Diamond Tripartite

The Diamond Tripartite is an innovative technique developed by Dr. Jason B. Diamond. Using three high-definition modalities, The Diamond Tripartite beautifully enhances the lower face, neck, and jawline beyond what is possible with an isolated approach. The three modalities of The Diamond Tripartite include customized facial implants, a minimally invasive neck lift, and laser skin tightening.

Benefits of Custom Implants

With custom implants, patients achieve chin and jaw augmentation that fits their face exclusively.

Dr. Diamond can produce a life-sized replica of a patient’s jawbone by taking a CT scan that is digitized on a computer. The scan displays the patient’s bone structure with every minuscule groove and contour that is individual to his or her facial skeleton. Using this computer-generated model, Dr. Diamond handcrafts an implant that fits the patient’s unique anatomy.

Custom implants have a high success rate because they are perfectly shaped to the patient’s bone structure.

The failure rate is slim with custom implants because they lock into place like a jigsaw puzzle onto the person’s anatomy. This procedure can create one of the most significant improvements to a person’s appearance because results are considered permanent due to their high success rate.

This technology allows us to provide patients with the ultimate implant.

Until now, we were not able to customize implants intricately. However, this technology is the tool that allows us to give faces the tailored and most aesthetically pleasing results possible. Custom implants are of utmost importance when it comes to jaw implants because the jawbone varies significantly from patient to patient.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

Cheek and chin implants may be inserted through inconspicuous incisions inside the mouth. Sometimes a chin implant may be inserted through a small incision under the natural chin. Jaw implants are inserted through two incisions inside the mouth positioned through a tiny incision under the chin.

Recovery from facial implant surgery can last between 14 and 21 days. Patients may be restricted to a soft diet for up to 7 days, and any bruising or swelling should subside in the days following surgery.

Custom implants are the premium option for facial augmentation. The cost of your custom implants will depend on the extent of correction needed to create your desired changes. This will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation.

Unlike injectable facial sculpting, facial implants are a permanent modification. Implant success is much more common with custom implants than with traditional implants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Facial Sculpting

A: Concerning patients who only need a chin implant or only need a cheek implant, the technology of custom implants is not always necessary because cheek and chin implants sit on any given anatomy just based on the curvatures of the cheekbone and the chin. Conversely, the jaw angle and the body of the jaw are entirely different and require this type of technology to get the ultimate result.
A: Dr. Diamond has developed his own non-surgical, in-office facial sculpting called Diamond Facial Sculpting to give his patients the facial definition they desire. While other specialists tend to inject fillers under the skin to add volume, Dr. Diamond strategically places filler onto the bone for optimal sculpting and reshaping.
A: Silicone implants are flexible, soft solids that do not pose health risks associated with silicone leakage. They can be molded to fit various parts of the body and face, depending on the desired outcome. Silicone injections use free-floating liquid silicone, which is not recommended for surgical use; silicone liquid can lead to several health issues, so be wary of any medical professional who uses it to augment parts of the body.
A: Traditional facial implants are considered permanent, but they have a higher failure rate than custom implants. Custom implants fit the bone structure like a jigsaw puzzle, making them the ideal choice for long-lasting results.