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Customized Implants

The Ultimate Facial Sculpting using customized Chin and Jaw Implants that are Computer Generated.


We have been taking advantage of the newest and greatest technology to create the most significant improvement in jawline structure and enhancement. Most of the beautiful faces in Hollywood, including both men and women, have very defined neck and jaw lines. The bony structure of the jaw is an extremely component to an attractive and aesthetically-pleasing face.

Until now, we used chin and jaw implants that are stock implants from the company. There are many different shapes and sizes, but they are still stock implants that need to be slightly shaved and changed intraoperatively to give the patient the best result. Chin implants are very effective when done this way. However, jaw implants have a lot of variability and they have a high failure rate when they are done this way, just based on the significant change in anatomy from person-to-person in that area. With new technology, we are able take a CT scan of a given person’s face and from the CT scan, subtract all the other tissue except for the jawbone. We then put this on the computer and this jawbone is a life-size replica of the patient’s bony anatomy that includes every little groove and contour that is individual to that person’s anatomy. Then on the computer, I will handcraft an implant that extends from the jaw angle of one side, across the chin and up to the jaw angle on the other side. The implant that I customize, I can create any change that the patient wants.

Most people who are interested in this type of procedure want better definition and structure similar to the models, actors and actresses that are seen on TV. The failure rate is very low with the implants because they lock into place like a jigsaw puzzle onto the person’s anatomy. This procedure can create one of the most significant improvements to a person’s appearance, even more so than other surgical procedures for many patients.

Until now, we were not able to customize the implants in any significant way. But this technology allows us to give the patient the ultimate implant that will give their faces the best and most aesthetically

With regard to people who only need a chin implant or only need a cheek implant, this technology is not necessary because those implants sit on any given anatomy just based on the curvatures of the cheekbone and the chin. But the jaw angle and the body of the jaw are completely different and absolutely require this type of technology to get the ultimate result.

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