Beverly Hills Diamond Facial Rejuvenation

When you see a beautiful face, you look at it as a whole, not as segmented features. This is why it makes little sense to treat individual facial areas without considering the bigger picture.

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is Dr. Jason B. Diamond’s response to this general oversight by many plastic surgeons. Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is a harmonizing facial procedure that incorporates multiple surgical techniques into one comprehensive facial transformation.

Whether you are looking to reverse signs of aging, augment your facial features, or both, #diamondfacialrejuvenation is tailored specifically to you.

What Is Diamond Facial Rejuvenation?

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation techniques were born from Dr. Jason B. Diamond’s unique and extensive experience with planning, executing, and maintaining customized facial rejuvenation techniques. With a passion for evolving traditional cosmetic standards towards the next generation of surgical breakthroughs, Dr. Diamond understands that patients deserve more comprehensive and cohesive approaches to fully optimize their beauty and maximize the overall results of their enhancements. Dr. Diamond is a specialist in facial rejuvenation, masterfully correcting concerns in the neck, face, and hairline for natural-looking and youthful restorations.

*Dr. Diamond requires that each patient receive a preoperative health clearance before surgery, ensuring that his patients’ health is the greatest priority when under his care.

How Does Diamond Facial Rejuvenation Differ From Traditional Facial Plastic Surgery?

An All-Encompassing Process

Traditional facial plastic surgery procedures target isolated areas, be it the lower face, jawline, eyelids, brow area, temples, or nose. Diamond Facial Rejuvenation takes this process to the next level by looking at your face as a whole and treating it together. This process allows Dr. Diamond to mix and match surgical techniques to create a surgery that is just for you.

Ensures Facial Harmony

Traditional facelift surgery targets the lower two-thirds of the face and neck. Brow lift surgery targets the forehead region. These are just a few examples. Many patients only undergo one procedure to address their concerns, even though facial aging occurs across the face. By only targeting specific areas, patients may be left with an unbalanced facial appearance where one area appears more youthful than another. This is never the case with Diamond Facial Rejuvenation.

Techniques Performed By a Facial Expert

Dr. Jason B. Diamond is a facial plastic surgery specialist, which gives him comprehensive knowledge of your facial structures, nerves, and tissues. By looking at you, he can see what is happening internally with your features, allowing him to properly gauge your signs of aging and address your underlying facial concerns.

Jason B. Diamond, M.D., Facial Plastic Surgery

What Is the Dr. Diamond Difference?

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is a complicated surgical procedure that requires comprehensive knowledge, skill, and artistry. Jason B. Diamond, M.D., is a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of surgical and non-surgical procedures for patients all over the globe. Dr. Diamond takes the time to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed and that your results are natural.

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What Surgical Techniques Will Dr. Diamond Consider for Your Diamond Facial Rejuvenation?

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Facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) corrects facial sagging and wrinkles to rejuvenate your appearance. Dr. Diamond will carefully assess your facial structure and anatomy to determine the best strategy for minimizing the appearance of imperfections and the signs of aging. Dr. Diamond is well known for his ability to maximize definition and create sharp lines for a crisper sculpting of the face. Having mastered the deep plane facelift, Dr. Diamond specializes in creating natural and subtle rejuvenation to the neck, jawline, midface, and cheeks. While the deep plane facelift technique is ideal for patients with a moderate amount of visible aging, the vertical lift offers more powerful results for patients who experience more severe aging.

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Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery (lower rhytidectomy) corrects a “turkey neck” and a double chin by removing the excess skin and fat that causes our face to look and feel heavy. Dr. Diamond can sculpt beautiful and charming contours to the neck and jawline by tightening the muscle tissue and lifting the skin. When necessary, micro amounts of liposuction may also be applied underneath the jawline to give more definition to the chin and neck. Neck lift surgery is often combined with facelift surgery, cheek implants, eyelid surgery, and brow lift surgery. Dr. Diamond can help you decide on the most appropriate procedure(s) to help achieve your desired results.

Neck Lift
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Brow Lift

A brow lift (forehead lift) uses powerful precision to correct severe wrinkling and sagging in the eyebrows and forehead that may hinder vision or create frowned and angry looks in the face. With the help of an endoscopic camera, Dr. Diamond can maximize his control over the brow’s muscle tissue and has the ability to artfully hide incisions in the natural creases of the hairline. These modern techniques result in a smoother complexion, elevation of the skin, and tightening that produces a natural and harmonized balance.

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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) resolve the issues patients face when they experience baggy, puffiness, or drooping skin around the eyes, which can be a result of excess fat and tissue. Eyelid surgery candidates are not always those who have aged, as lower eyelid bulging and upper eyelid sagging can also be instigated by genetic disposition. Dr. Jason B. Diamond will carefully assess whether you need one or both eyelid regions corrected, allowing you to achieve a more youthful smoothness and energetic appearance. For the upper eyelids, blepharoplasty can restore vision and remove excess skin to open up the eyes. For patients that need correction to their lower eyelids, blepharoplasty is a great way to disrupt and remove the excess fat for leaner lower eyelids and a more alert brightness in the eye’s appearance.

Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
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Lip Augmentation and Lift

Lip augmentation can revitalize the smoothness surrounding our smile and add fullness to lips that may have lost volume due to aging. Whether you were born with naturally thin lips or want to restore fullness that was lost, more plump lips can be enjoyed as well as a correction around the mouth. Dr. Diamond has spent years learning about the diversity in patient’s needs and their unique physiological traits. With this deep understanding in mind, Dr. Diamond offers his patients a number of lip augmentation options to enliven their smiles and reinvigorate the lushness of their lips. Lip lift surgery allows the lips to be elevated and contoured through tiny incisions inside the lips or under the nose. A non-surgical lip lift with LipLase™ is also available.

Lip Augmentation
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Cheek Lift & Mid-Facelift

A cheek lift or mid-facelift repositions the facial tissues that are draped over the cheekbones to
realize the angular, prominent cheeks that are so captivating in our favorite Hollywood stars and celebrity elites. A lack of balance in the natural definition of the cheeks can give off an unhealthy or hollowed appearance in the midface or contribute to unwanted fullness on the lower face in the form of jowls. Dr. Diamond optimizes cheek lift techniques by employing endoscopic camera technology, accurately repositioning the soft tissues of the cheeks to contour a more shapely and sculpted midface.

Cheek & Mid-Face Lift
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Facial Fat Grafting & NanoFat Grafting

Facial fat grafting is an essential choice for patients experiencing a loss of facial volume that is beginning to alter their facial appearance. To perform facial fat transfer, Dr. Diamond extracts fat from a donor area, such as the abdomen, to strategically inject into the appropriate facial region for increased volume and refined definition. Facial fat transfer is a multi-step surgical procedure requiring the knowledge and skill of many techniques. Dr. Diamond is a world-renowned specialist in facial plastic surgery with years of experience performing fat transfer.

Facial Fat Transfer
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Earlobe Reduction and Ear Surgery

Earlobe reduction is a form of ear surgery (otoplasty) that Dr. Diamond performs to restore balance and downsize the prominence of the earlobes to a suitable and well-proportioned size. Whether it is ear pinning, cartilage reshaping, or a specific restructuring of the ear, Dr. Diamond has the familiarity and deep understanding of the human ear needed to restore the balance between your ears and face.

Earlobe Reduction
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Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering (forehead reduction) uses conservative but greatly effective strategies to lower the placement of the hairline. Both men and women can be suitable candidates for hairline lowering, as both can experience naturally high hairlines or large foreheads. Dr. Diamond can create a lower or more prominent hairline while feminizing or masculinizing the hairline to fit your needs. Although this single-step procedure is quite simple, skin laxity in the forehead is also important to candidacy and should be considered during consultation.

Hairline Lowering
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Hair Transplantation

As a world-renowned authority on facial surgery, the Diamond Face Institute offers the best in the field of hair transplant techniques. The specialists at the Diamond Face Institute will personally design the patterns and density of your thinning hair to ensure a natural appearance to your hair growth. The Diamond Face Institute offers many hair transplant treatments, including follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplantation (FUT), eyebrow hair transplants for men and women, and facial hair transplants for men.

Hair Transplantation
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Woman with eyebrows

Eyebrow Transplantation

Our eyebrow transplants are performed by one of our hand-selected surgeons to professionally address the hair loss in the eyebrows with restored and replaced hair. Our surgeons will utilize their years of experience and artistry to ensure that each hair follicle is situated in the proper orientation so that proper direction of hair growth is encouraged and that each hair is as flat and as elegant as possible.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

What Is My Recovery After My Diamond Facial Rejuvenation?

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation targets multiple facial areas at once. This comprehensive approach requires adequate time to recover.

While initial bruising and swelling will resolve within a few days or weeks, internal swelling may be present for longer, requiring delicate care and maintenance.

Dr. Diamond and his team will outline a specific recovery timeline for you during your initial consultation.

Will There Be Scars After My Diamond Facial Rejuvenation?

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is a surgical procedure, and incisions will be made that result in scarring. As a facial expert, Dr. Diamond understands where and how to make these incisions so that they result in ultra-inconspicuous scars.

Therefore, incisions are made in the hairline, facial creases, or inside the mouth or nose to allow for hidden scars. All scarring will fade with time and can be lessened with good skincare maintenance, sun avoidance, and healthy lifestyles.

Learn more about the Dr. Diamond’s recommended skincare products by visiting our shop.

How Much Does the Diamond Facial Rejuvenation Cost?

Your Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is unique to you, targeting all of your facial concerns. Because of its customized nature, it is impossible to determine an accurate cost estimate prior to a consultation with Dr. Diamond.

You will be provided a cost estimate during the consultation that will incorporate all of the techniques used and additional cost factors.

Is Diamond Facial Rejuvenation Painful?

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is performed under anesthesia to provide a safe and pain-free experience.

Any post-operative discomfort can be alleviated with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication.

How Long Will My Diamond Facial Rejuvenation Last?

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is a surgical procedure that targets the skin as well as the deeper facial tissues. Because of its comprehensive nature, the results are expected to be long lasting, and most patients enjoy their results for years, if not decades.

No surgical procedure can stop the aging process, and you may start to experience some laxity in your skin and tissues. This can be addressed with revision surgical procedures or non-surgical treatments like Diamond Facial Contouring or Diamond Facial Sculpting®.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Diamond Facial Rejuvenation

Am I a candidate for the Diamond Facial Rejuvenation?

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is appropriate for men and women whose facial concerns—whether age-related or structure-related—can’t be addressed through non-surgical means.

Candidates should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations of their results. In Dr. Diamond’s extensive experience, he has found his patients to be highly satisfied with their results as long as their expectations are realistic.

Should I consider an InstaFacial® after my Diamond Facial Rejuvenation?

The Diamond InstaFacial® is a common treatment performed after you have healed from your Diamond Facial Rejuvenation. The Diamond InstaFacial® is a multi-step skin restoration procedure that combines laser, PRP therapy, microneedling, and collagen masks to improve skin tone, texture, tightness, and health.

The Diamond InstaAMNI® is a variation of the Diamond InstaFacial® that adds amniotic stem cells with your PRP for added benefit.

You can also help maintain your results by following a dedicated skincare routine. You can learn more about our at-home products by visiting our shop.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to Diamond Facial Rejuvenation?

Dr. Diamond offers an extensive collection of non-surgical treatments, including Diamond Facial Sculpting® for facial augmentation, Diamond Facial Contouring for soft tissue augmentation, and the Diamond InstaFacial® for skin health maintenance.

While these procedures may be appropriate alternatives for many patients, they cannot always achieve the same level of results as facial surgery. Dr. Diamond will explain all of your options during your consultation and recommend the best solution for your needs.

How long will the results of my facelift last?

As with any surgical procedure, risks are present. While complications are very rare following Diamond Facial Rejuvenation, they are possible. These include:

  • Negative reactions to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage
  • Temporary loss of skin sensation

How soon will I see my Diamond Facial Rejuvenation results?

Your Diamond Facial Rejuvenation results will become apparent as soon as the bruising and swelling subside. These results will continue to refine over the following weeks and months.