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Cheek Lift

As we age, droopy cheek tissue causes our cheekbones to become less prominent. This creates a hollow look around the eyes and lines around the nose and mouth.

A cheek lift repositions tissue over the cheekbones to restore a more prominent, youthful facial contour. It also softens the fold of skin that develops between the nose and cheek.

Dr. Diamond performs cheek lifts using an endoscope, a special instrument that allows him to see images of the body’s internal structures through very small incisions. He makes tiny, non-visible incisions without cutting tissue or muscle. And by elevating the cheeks upward, rather than to the side, he achieves more natural looking results.

Endoscopic procedures allow Dr. Diamond to create minimal incisions which helps accommodate a quicker recovery. Patients can usually return to normal social activities within two weeks.

Cheek lifts can be combined with facelifts to give optimal results. Even patients who have already had a face lift can achieve increased smoothing with a cheek lift.