My Charity trip to Jamaica

I just returned home from Jamaica where I was involved in a charity event with the goal of placing as many computers as possible into the elementary schools of Jamaica. We visited an elementary school and met the kids from about 4th to 6th grade. I didn’t know what to expect but these kids were so happy and so much fun to talk to. They inspired me a great deal and again proved what I already know that you don’t have to be rich to be happy. 

The event also included a celebrity golf tournament where I had the pleasure of playing golf with many celebrities including Richard Roundtree (Shaft), Peter Weller (Robo Cop), David Annibale (Brothers and Sisters on ABC), Willie Gault, Chris Jacobs (Overhauling on TLC), Grant Show (Melrose Place) and many others.  There was also a comedy night with Bill Bellamy and Cedric the Entertainer and a music night with Bobby Brown and others.  There were also other actors on the trip including Vanessa Marcel (Vegas) and Carmine Giovinazzo (CSI NY) as well as many other actors and models.  I  had the pleasure of meeting Nathan “Carnage” Corbett who is the world’s best Muay Thai fighter.  He had a championship fight against Holland’s best fighter named Tyrone Spong. 

My wife, Jessica and I were guests of Corbett’s so we got to hang out with him back stage before the fight and watched him warm up as well as go back stage again after the fight to celebrate his victory with him (he knocked Spong out cold).  I am happy to say the trip was a lot of fun and very successful in achieving our goal.  It was also fun for me to be around all of these people who make a living with their looks because I did my usual analyzing and picking apart facial anatomy and features.  I felt like an art aficionado at the Getty museum seeing and studying all of these beautiful noses, chins and faces. 

I am thankful to have been invited as a celebrity guest and I look forward to being involved again next year.