Mid Facelift Beverly Hills

As a Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon I am often asked questions from people by email from all over the world.  One of the most common questions I am asked is, “what is a mid facelift and what is the difference between this and a facelift?”
A facelift is a procedure that involves incisions hidden around lines and contours of the ear and involves tightening of the underlying muscle and removal of excess skin.  This is designed to tighten the neck and jawline.

A very special type of facelift known as a Deep Plane facelift can rejuvenate the midface to some degree and I do specialize in this type of facelift and actually this was the first facelift technique that I perfected.  However, there are people who require even more midface or cheek elevation then a Deep plane facelift can provide, and in those people I will perform a modification of the Deep plane facelift such that I get the best neck and jawline tightening possible.  To achieve the midface correction that we desire I perform a midfacelift.  A midfacelift requires elevation of the cheek off of the cheekbone such that the cheek can then be raised in a direction upward and outward towards the corner of the eye.  This allows for a natural and youthful rejuvenation without the risk of looking pulled or done.  This procedure can also help to improve the jowl because of the vertical elevation that is created to the cheek.  This along with a facelift is the most powerful way to improve the jowls and nasolabial folds and it is a combination that I use routinely to deliver the best results possible.