Nostril Narrowing in Beverly Hills

Nostril Narrowing (Alar base Reduction)

As a rhinoplasty specialist and expert in Beverly Hills I take care of people from all over the world with noses of all different shapes and sizes.  As I have written before, rhinoplasty takes a great deal of skill and experience to have a masters understanding of the procedure.

Rhinoplasty is probably the single most common procedure that I perform and is one of my favorite procedures.  There are many techniques available to narrow a tip or bridge, and the appropriate method really depends on the given individual’s anatomy.  This segment will focus on narrowing the nostrils which can be a very powerful adjunctive technique to help refine a nose.  This includes an incision in the crease where the nose meets the face so the scar is imperceptible.  One option for narrowing a nostril includes narrowing the size of the nostril where both the thickness of the nostril rim and the nostril opening are reduced.  Another option includes narrowing the nostril rim but leaving the opening of the nostril untouched.  The final option includes leaving the nostril rim untouched but narrowing the nostril opening.  In general, the nostrils should be within lines that are drawn from the corner of the inner eye straight down to the floor.  If the nostrils extend beyond those lines then they are considered to be too wide and that person may be a good candidate for a nostril reduction.  Another way to evaluate the nostril width is to compare the width of the eyes to the width of the base of the nose.  The base or bottom of the nose should be about the same width as one eye.  If the nose is wider then one eye then that person may be a good candidate for nostril reduction.  The computer imager is a great way to show people what their nose may look like after nostril reduction and I use that system on every single patient to ensure a clear understanding of what the results are likely to look like.