Look Your Best for the New Year

As the holiday season is approaching, people’s schedules become extremely hectic. This is the common phenomenon that occurs every year with patients scrambling in at the last minute to try to have some procedure performed to look their best for their holiday pictures and holiday parties. Now that we are near Thanksgiving time, we are reaching the window where it is too late to have a significant surgical procedure that will leave you looking good for a holiday party. However, with the Diamond Facial Sculpting® and Diamond Non-Surgical Facelift and In-Office Facial Sculpting procedure, we can still achieve quite significant and dramatic improvements with a healing time of approximately one day.

These procedures include a combination of deep injections to lift the face off the facial structure as well as more superficial injections that fill the lines and crevices. They also include the non-surgical brow lift, which is a combination of BOTOX® Cosmetic as well as injectable fillers beneath the brow and in the hairline to lift the skin in an upward direction off of the brow bone. Also, the non-surgical neck lift includes a combination of BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers along the bony surfaces behind the ear to lift the skin off of the bone in upward and lateral direction. I can also perform a non-surgical rhinoplasty at the same time to give the nose a slight lift, which is also an extremely rejuvenating procedure.

As the years go by, I am doing more and more of these procedures because the results are so dramatic and the downtime is so minimal that most people feel like they can go right to lunch or dinner after the treatment. The risks with this procedure are the same as with any injection, which is bruising and swelling. However, with the appropriate preparation and technique, these risks are extremely minimal and rarely occur.

Jason B. Diamond, M.D.

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