Our radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) is a new technology that I have been very excited about because it is allowing us to achieve improvement in certain aspects in the face that were previously untreatable without very aggressive procedures. This procedure can be considered a deep laser treatment where the probe delivering the heat technology is inserted beneath the skin and applied directly to the troublesome areas. This technology can effectively treat the jowls as well as the perioral mounds, which are fat pockets that occur just on the outside aspect of the lips that many people are extremely bothered by. This can also treat the thick nasolabial mounds, which are the thick folds of tissue just above the nasolabial folds, otherwise known as laugh lines. This can also treat malar festoons, which are fluid deposits that occur on the upper cheeks and up to this point have no effective treatment.

Not only can this technology be performed as a standalone procedure, but it can also be performed at the same time as a facelift. I have been using this procedure during facelift surgeries, which allows for even more minimal facelift procedures such as in the healing and the incisions can be even smaller but yet still have a nice effectiveness to treat the troublesome areas that otherwise may require a significantly more aggressive facelift procedure. The healing with RFAL can be very fast, and there is essentially no downtime. However, there can be swelling that can be present for one to two weeks postoperatively.

The procedure has a quite significant steep learning curve such that it requires great tactile feel and skill to be able to apply the deep heat in an even fashion. However, the surgeon using the technology can be quite artistic with the application of heat to create very specialized contours and tightening to specific areas of the face to create excellent improvement to often troublesome areas.

I am very excited to be using this technology. The facelift results that I have been achieving over the past six months have been the best I have seen to date. The facelift procedures are now even more conservative and minimal while achieving the same degree of results.

Jason B. Diamond, M.D.

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