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Look As Young and Vibrant As You Feel With a Facelift

April 25th, 2019 |

As we begin to age, our facial skin and muscles can start to relax and sag, causing wrinkles and fine lines to form. While some treatments can help prevent and reduce these signs of aging, they are inevitably a part of the aging process. Luckily, a facelift can tighten the facial skin and muscles for a more youthful appearance. The benefits of a facelift include:

  • Smooth, taut skin
  • Reduced facial creases, wrinkles, and lines
  • Tighter skin that sits higher on the face
  • A younger, more vibrant appearance

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Why Get a Facelift?

Wrinkles start to form and typically become evident in the midface, below the lower eyelids, and around the nose running down to the corners of the mouth (known as nasolabial folds). As we age, the lower third of the face also begins to sag, jowls begin to form, and the skin below our neck begins to sag. If you are embarrassed or uncomfortable with these lines and sagging skin on your face, then facelift surgery can correct creases, wrinkling, folding and sagging. A facelift can reduce up to ten years of aging, helping patients restore their vivacity and get back to feeling more like themselves.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Jason Diamond has specific training and extensive experience in facelift surgery that allow his expertise, techniques, and advanced technology to shine through in what he has called the premiere facelift method to provide optimal results, minimal downtime, and minimal visible scarring. Any loose skin, fat deposits, and weakened or relaxed tissues under your skin can lead to facial sagging along the jawline and neck. With a facelift and neck lift, excess fat and skin can be removed, the muscles are repositioned, and the skin is suspended over the newly formed facial contours for a flattering, youthful appearance.

Mini Facelift

The mini facelift method makes limited, inconspicuous incisions around the ears. This type of facelift is designed to tighten and sharpen the jawline and reduce the appearance of jowls and can be done with or without a neck lift. Even without a neck lift, there would still be an improvement to the neck. However, more dramatic contouring can occur when a neck lift is added. This option is beneficial for subtle results and for patients beginning to see the first signs of aging.

Full Facelift

A full facelift is for people who have more extensive signs of aging, including ptotic (or sagging) cheeks, more severe jowls, and a higher degree of loose skin overall. Similar to the mini facelift, inconspicuous incisions are hidden around the ears, but a larger degree of muscle tightening and skin removal is performed. The results are still designed to be completely natural but there is a slightly longer healing time compared to the mini facelift. The full facelift alleviates many signs of aging for a significant, long-lasting result.

Combination Technique

Many patients prefer to combine their facelift surgery with additional procedures to address multiple concerns at once. If you have sagging eyebrows, then you can opt to undergo a brow lift to rejuvenate the eyebrows or lower blepharoplasty to address puffiness under the eyes, in addition to the facelift.




Each facelift is customized to meet the patient’s needs based on their cosmetic goals and preferences. The outcome is youthful, rejuvenated skin and a boost in confidence. Results are long lasting and limiting sun exposure and adopting a healthy lifestyle will help to preserve them for years to come.



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