Facial Implants

Customize Your Facial Implant for Beautiful Results

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Most people think of facial surgery and immediately jump to facelifts, nose jobs, or lip fillers. While these procedures are some of the most popular procedures available, the world of cosmetic surgery is widely varied, with options for almost any part of the face or body available to suit everyone’s needs.

With cosmetic facial procedures, surgeons can work on any part of the face to erase signs of aging, fix old scars or defects, and change your overall look for the better. Some changes can be drastic, but others can be subtle while still enhancing the face or improving symmetry to give you the look you want. One way to do this is through facial implants.

Dr. Diamond offers facial implants for the chin, jaw, and cheekbones to give patients a dream look that’s uniquely their own. With years of surgical experience, Dr. Diamond’s keen, creative eye ensures these implants work with your natural anatomy for the most beautiful results.

What Are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are solid, specially created devices used to enhance the outlines and planes of the face. They are typically made of solid medical-grade silicone that is safe and compatible with human tissue. Implants can come in many shapes and sizes, and are typically customized to each person’s facial anatomy and what goals they’re looking to achieve. There are three types of facial implants:

Chin Implants

These implants are used to enhance the chin area. For many, a weak or recessed chin can be an unattractive feature. Chin implants can be used to create a strong chin outline that also suits the rest of the face.

Jaw Implants

Jaw implants are used to widen the lower planes of the face and give the jaw a more defined appearance, creating a striking look.

Cheek Implants

These implants are used to add volume to the cheek area and enhance facial contours, creating an overall more youthful, vibrant appearance.

Several implants can be placed during the same surgery. In addition, other cosmetic surgery procedures such as a facelift or neck lift can also be combined with facial implants for optimal results.

Beautiful woman face close up portrait after facial implants

Custom Facial Implants

While traditional facial implants can be shaved down and shaped to fit a patient’s bone structure, there is now a better way to ensure perfectly tailored results. Dr. Diamond utilizes computer-generated models of the jawbone (created with the use of a CT scan) to produce implants that fit together with the bone like a jigsaw puzzle. These custom implants boast very high success rates and provide aesthetically pleasing, permanent improvement of the facial structure.

Candidates for Facial Implants

Good candidates for facial implants are patients who are looking to address prominent areas of their face in order to change and enhance them. Facial implants have the potential to create a dramatic change in appearance, so candidates should be prepared for these changes and outline specific goals with their surgeon.

Good candidates for facial implants:

  • Do not smoke
  • Are in general good health
  • Are looking to enhance and change their appearance
  • Do not mind undergoing surgery
  • Have specific goals for the target areas (i.e., wants a more prominent chin)

Recovery and Results

There will be mild to moderate swelling right after your facial implant procedure is done. Dr. Diamond will ensure patients leave with detailed postoperative instructions. Reclining in a face-up position and a soft diet may be recommended for the first week following your procedure. Most facial implant patients should be fully recovered within two weeks. Results are expected to last a lifetime and are immediately evident once patients are fully healed. Dr. Diamond will work to craft customized facial implants for each patient for life-long, gorgeous results.

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