The older we get, the more our faces begin to age. Diamond Facial Rejuvenation with facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) can significantly reduce the signs of aging by removing sagging skin, smoothing facial wrinkles, and addressing other facial concerns. The desired result is a rejuvenated, refreshed face, but, in some cases, the results do not reflect the desired outcome. Dr. Diamond, a facial plastic surgery specialist, performs facelift revision surgery in Beverly Hills to provide a more satisfying outcome to patients who are unhappy with their facelift results.

Facelift revision surgery can be performed alone or additional Diamond Facial Rejuvenation techniques. Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is a comprehensive approach to restoring youthful contours that complement each other and collectively bring a beautiful and natural result. 

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What Is Achieved With Facelift Revision?

A More Natural Appearance

When performed by an inexperienced surgeon, your facelift results may not be what you intended. Dr. Diamond has helped many patients achieve a more natural, youthful look through facelift revision surgery, also known as a correction facelift. He can better conceal obvious incision marks and an overly tight appearance, along with other issues such as lateral sweep deformity.

Refreshed Facial Features

As time goes on, the natural aging process continues to age your skin, which can affect your initial facelift results. Diamond Facial Rejuvenation with facelift revision surgery can refresh your skin and remove any newly formed wrinkles, fine lines, and lax skin. Even satisfied patients continue to grow older and may eventually need a facelift revision to refresh their skin again.

Correction of Unwanted Side Effects

By performing a secondary facelift, any unwanted side effects like a blown out appearance or obvious scarring can be corrected and minimized by Dr. Diamond’s unique skill and expertise.

Is Facelift Revision Right for Me?

If you are in good general health and are concerned about your original facelift results, then you may be a good candidate for a facelift do-over. Facelift revision can benefit many different patients, so please schedule a consultation with Dr. Diamond by calling (310) 859-9816 to discuss your preferences and goals, and undergo a facial evaluation.

Dr. Diamond recommends that you are fully healed from your initial facelift and in optimal health before considering a revision facelift. Optimal health means being close to your ideal weight and having a healthy mindset going into your operation.

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Diamond Facial Rejuvenation Facelift Revision Options

Dr. Diamond offers several secondary facelift procedures that are incredibly effective at correcting unsatisfactory results after a primary facelift.

Facial Fat Transfer

Primary facelift surgery can address tissue sagging along the jawline and cheeks, but
it provides minimal correction to volume loss in the cheeks or diminished fat around the eyes. Dr. Diamond can perform facial fat transfer to restore youthful volume to the face in areas such as:

  • Deep nasolabial grooves
  • Hollowed cheeks
  • Under-eye creases

Malar Implants

Malar implants, or cheek implants, are facial implants that can be used on patients who have inadequate volume in their cheeks and desire permanent enhancement. Dr. Diamond adds a solid implant over each cheekbone to enhance volume and definition in your cheeks for a natural appearance.

Deep Plane Facelift

A deep plane facelift can provide excellent rejuvenation results for your face and correct deformities that have occurred after previous facelift surgery. This procedure can produce long-lasting results with minimal scarring, and it offers a lower risk of
complications compared to traditional facelift surgery.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Facelift Revision Surgery?

Your recovery should be similar to your initial facelift procedure. Patients must rest and relax to ensure a comfortable healing process. Facelift revision recovery time will depend on the corrections being made and which techniques were utilized. Postoperative care instructions are provided, so you will know what to expect and what actions should be taken to ensure a safe and effective recuperation.

Recovery tips after a facelift revision are similar to the first facelift. They include moisturizing your skin, using sun protection every day (wear sunscreen, large hats, etc.), drinking plenty of water, and following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Some patients also undergo injectables such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or fillers to enhance their results. Laser rejuvenation, skin care techniques, and microneedling can all refresh the skin without undergoing another surgical procedure.

Immediately After

After your procedure, your face will be gently wrapped in surgical bandaging to help minimize swelling and bruising. Keep your head and neck elevated for at least the first week. Arrange for a comfortable, relaxing environment to sleep and rest in while you recover.

One Week

Most swelling, bruising, numbness, and side effects should reduce tremendously after the first week. Mild activities, such as slowly walking around the house, can begin after a few days to one week. You may feel ready to resume work at this point.

Two Weeks

Dr. Diamond may clear you for light exercises after one to two weeks, depending on how you feel. Your facial contours should appear dramatically improved by this point.

Four to Six Weeks

After four to six weeks, you should be able to resume more active exercise and daily activities. Heavy or strenuous workout routines should be put off for another week or so. All symptoms should diminish by this point, while gradual enhancements in your facial recovery should become more apparent.

Will There Be Scars After My Facelift Revision Surgery?

Initial facelift scarring may be corrected through your facelift revision.

Dr. Diamond strategically places incisions in inconspicuous locations within your hairline. Most scarring is unnoticeable after you heal, thanks to his expertise and surgical skills. All scars typically fade with time and become thin, faint lines. Makeup can easily conceal scarring while you are still healing.

How Much Does Facelift Revision Cost?

Your facelift revision price will factor in which techniques are used, anesthesia, the
extent of correction being made, and other contributing costs.

Dr. Diamond is double board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. After assessing your facial anatomy, he can make recommendations for which techniques can benefit you. Your cost will be dependant on which approach he takes. During your consultation in Beverly Hills, he can discuss these factors and provide a price estimate. We also offer financing options.

Is There Pain Involved With Facelift Revision Surgery?

You may feel slight discomfort after your procedure, which can be alleviated with prescription pain medication.

Most patients experience swelling and bruising with mild discomfort after their surgery. Dr. Diamond prescribes medications to help reduce your symptoms. After a few days, you should feel back to normal and ready to resume your daily life.

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation, such as facelift revision, require a skilled, experienced hand and an eye for beauty. Dr. Diamond is a top surgeon who has been extensively trained in the field and can enhance your natural features through cosmetic procedures. Using his inherent abilities and advanced technology, he can provide optimal care and natural, youthful results.

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Diamond Facial Rejuvenation, such as facelift revision, require a skilled, experienced hand and an eye for beauty. Dr. Diamond is a top surgeon who has been extensively trained in the field and can enhance your natural features through cosmetic procedures. Using his inherent abilities and advanced technology, he can provide optimal care and natural, youthful results.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Facelift Revision

How soon after a facelift can I get a facelift revision?

You must be fully healed from your original facelift, which can take two to four months. This ensures that your final results are evident so that Dr. Diamond can evaluate your facial condition. Your preferences, cosmetic goals, medical history, and facial concerns all factor into which techniques can benefit you the most.

What type of procedure do I need for my facelift revision?

Because every face is different, the appropriate procedure will be based on the anatomy and particular goals and desires of each individual. Dr. Diamond will discuss his recommendations after a consultation and facial evaluation.

Can I combine my facelift revision with other Diamond Facial Rejuvenation?

Yes, Dr. Diamond can combine multiple procedures into one surgery to maintain optimal balance. Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is a personalized set of facial surgical procedures that restore youthfulness. Many patients desire a neck lift to address vertical neck bands and loose neck skin, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to correct sagging eyelid skin and under-eye puffiness, or a brow lift to smooth out forehead wrinkles and heavy eyebrows. All of these procedures can be combined to completely rejuvenate the face, so please discuss your concerns with Dr. Diamond during your consultation to see if combination surgery in Beverly Hills is right for you.

Why is selecting a surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery so important for my facelift revision?

If you are dissatisfied with your initial facelift results, then it may be time to select a surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Diamond specifically studied the facial anatomy and has mastered all aspects of the face, which he uses to achieve optimal results. Surgeons who are inexperienced or not specially trained in facial procedures may provide less natural-looking results that do not balance or harmonize the facial features. As an experienced Beverly Hills facelift expert, Dr. Diamond has the skills and experience necessary to perform various techniques ranging from basic to advanced and complicated. Not only can he provide improved results, but he also can recommend treatment methods that will be unique to the individual to help them achieve their desired results.

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How long will the results of my facelift last?

Your youthful results after facelift revision surgery are long-lasting. The skin will naturally continue to age after your procedure, but with a healthy lifestyle and sun protection, you can help prolong your rejuvenated, youthful appearance.