Facelift, Neck Lift

Jowls and Neck with a Mini Facelift

Addressing the jowls and neck with a mini facelift:

In the world of Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills there are many different facelift terms that surgeons have developed to describe their techniques.  Many of the terms that I hear of are gimmicky and marketing ploys to make the given procedure sound better than the competing doctor’s techniques.  There is a popular television commercial that advertises “a breakthrough medical procedure” to describe their facelift.  The procedure they are advertising is one of the oldest facelift techniques that has been around for over 50 years.  The most important factor that will determine if your facelift will give you the results that you want is the skill level of your surgeon.

This brings us to the question,” Doctor, will a mini facelift be able to get rid of my jowls and tighten my neck?”  To answer this question there should be a clear definition of what is a mini facelift.  If you ask 10 different doctors to describe what their mini facelift technique are you will get 10 different answers.  In general the neck is a fairly straightforward and easy area to tighten.  Heavy jowls are more difficult to correct and therefore require a more aggressive procedure that I would not call a mini facelift but other doctors may.  I use the term mini facelift to  describe a very conservative procedure with a conservative dissection to achieve a conservative result.  The mini facelift procedure, as I perform it, is the perfect technique for some patients and not very beneficial to others depending on anatomy.  The best way to figure out which technique is best for you is to consult with a skilled Facelift specialist and let them guide you toward the procedure for you.