Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair in Beverly Hills

In the world of Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills there has been a dramatic increase in young patients seeking to repair their earlobes after using these spacer earings that expand and stretch the skin as a form of body modification.  There are many people who realize that they are unlikely to get the job that they are hoping for with this appearance and are hoping for improvement.  The problem can be corrected with excision of the stretched skin which will allow for a reduction.  There will be a fine scar running along the length of the earlobe. 

 A 16 year old girl called the office and asked me for advice.  She told me,” I want to become a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills one day just like you Dr. Diamond, do you think its ok that I am stretching out my earlobes with the spacer earings”?  I told her that she should stop that process immediately before she creates too much damage to her earlobes.  We had an interesting discussion but I did my best to explain to her the reasons that she should avoid these types of body modification procedures if she wishes to go on to have a professional career.