Facelift, Jowl Tightening

Jowl Tightening in Beverly Hills

As a Facelift specialist in Beverly Hills I have had the privilege of taking care of many patients from around the world and therefore, I have taken care of people with every facial type there is.  The jowl is a very difficult area to correct and the standard facelift techniques are not very effective.  To get the best possible jowl improvement requires a technique known as the vertical facelift.  This technique I would not consider to be a mini facelift.  The vertical facelift requires a large skin dissection and then a vertical elevation of the SMAS or deeper supporting layers, hence the name vertical facelift.  Often times a person will require what’s known as a pre-jowl implant to gain even better jowl correction.  The region of the chin that corresponds to a line drawn down from the corners of the mouth is known as the pre-jowl region and the chin bone in this area thins with age.  When this aging change occurs we call this the pre-jowl sulcus.  This change in anatomy accentuates the jowl and is best corrected with a pre-jowl implant.  Correction of the jowl needs to be done carefully to prevent problems and therefore a consultation with a skilled facelift specialist is the best first step to correcting the jowl.