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How to Look Fabulous Like the Emmy Nominees

How to Look Like a Hollywood StarThe 67th Emmy awards ceremony, which will take place Sunday, September 20th, celebrates the arts and science of television. The Emmy statuette herself is depicted holding an atom to represent science, and her widespread wings represent the muse of art. At The Diamond Face Institute, Dr. Diamond combines these same two concepts to create beautiful, original results for his patients. His in-office procedures can add the slightest change to mimic the features that make the stars of Hollywood truly shine.

Take, for example, Adrien Brody, nominated for outstanding lead actor in Houdini. His well-defined jawline, chiseled features, and wrinkle-free skin can be achieved in just 15 to 20 minutes with Dr. Diamond’s In-Office Facial Sculpting. Dr. Diamond’s technique of injecting directly above the bone will add sleek, masculine dimension to the jawline for an overall appearance that pleases the eye.

Many celebrities and Emmy nominees have a rather striking face, like Lena Headey from Game of Thrones or Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey. Robin Wright from House of Cards is as beautiful today as she was in The Princess Bride. Dr. Diamond specializes in surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation and facial enhancement to help you look like you belong on a TV set. Dr. Diamond’s Non-Surgical Facelift combines the technique of In-Office Facial Sculpting with the addition of fat injections and skin tightening to achieve her youthful look. Fat injections fill out facial wrinkles and disguise dark circles beneath the eyes, and skin tightening is often used during this procedure to enhance the overall quality of the skin.

Lisa Kudrow and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, both nominated for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series, have aged gracefully. Their stunning features are highlighted by their youthful skin and bone structure. Using fat grafting, Dr. Diamond can use fat from your own body to plump up your cheeks and decrease wrinkles to achieve the rich glow of these two leading ladies. Fat is usually taken from areas where it isn’t desired, like the abdomen or thighs. Though the amount of fat harvested from these areas is slight, it can make a world of a difference when trying to fit into a tight, Emmy-appropriate ensemble.

Every nominee brings an unmatchable personality, talent, and charm to the silver screen. While a procedure with Dr. Diamond will not perfectly mirror the faces of these stars, it will enhance the unique features you already have to give you the award-winning appearance of your dreams.

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