Non Surgical FaceliftNow that summer is over, historically, people neglect their personal appearance needs to prepare their kids to go back to school and prepare for the upcoming holidays, including the Jewish, Thanksgiving, and winter holidays. This time of year tends to be very busy for most people, and having any significant downtime for a cosmetic procedure is not a feasible option. Therefore, nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures are ideal. Depending on the procedure done, the ability of these procedures can create everywhere from a minor improvement, imbalance and definition to a face to a significant lifted facial appearance.

I have traveled the world and performed facial plastic surgeries everywhere from Moscow and Dubai to New York and Beverly Hills. I have seen doctors from all regions of the world perform their given procedures with all the nuisances that are characteristic of the given geographic location. Given this experience, I have learned, watched, and performed merely every variation of nonsurgical rejuvenation available. It is my strong opinion that a majority of people and physicians performing in-office procedures focus on the wrong aspect of the face.

I find that many patients ask for correction of the nasolabial folds (the grooves that run from the corner of the nose down toward the mouth) and filling the marionette lines (the lines that run from the corner of the mouth down toward the chin). I find that filling these areas can make improvement, but it never corrects them fully; it only softens the appearance slightly. I find that it is much more effective to augment the most lateral aspects of the face.

When you examine and take a close look at the most beautiful faces in the world, they all have several characteristics in common. The most striking and consistent characteristics that they have in common are that the lateral prominences are significant in the region of the jaw angles, the region of the lateral cheek bone, and the central projection of the face. I find that it is much more beautifying to maximize this region given the individual face versus softening the laugh lines and marionette lines.

I am not opposed to improving the marionette lines and nasolabial folds, and I do it often. However, although this may take a few years off a person’s appearance, it will not maximize his or her facial aesthetic the way augmenting the lateral prominences will. Therefore, after learning and experiencing all available techniques worldwide, the nonsurgical technique that I have developed includes a combination of filling the grooves and, more importantly, augmenting the bony structures of the face.

To augment the bone structure of the face, I use a thicker injectable that is placed in a deep fashion to simulate a jaw angle, mandibular implant, cheek implant, or chin implant. This gives a very natural, yet powerful, augmentation with definition and can improve balance and symmetry to a face thereby, maximizing one’s aesthetic appearance, which is ideal for both men and women. For men, it gives a masculine and powerful definition. For women, it gives an elegant and delicate definition.

To soften the nasolabial folds and marionette lines as well as other small fine grooves on the face, I use a more viscous or thinner product. I manually change the viscosity to be slightly thicker or slightly thinner depending on what is needed to give the most valuable correction to the individual person.

The results I achieve with the facial sculpting procedure are quite significant and very repeatable such that almost every facial type can benefit from this procedure, even people who are already blessed with good bone structure. There is the occasional person who just has such perfect bony structures that he or she will not benefit from the procedure, but that is rare even amongst many of my friends who possess the most elite faces in Hollywood.

When this procedure is combined with softening grooves of the face, I can achieve an almost complete non-surgical facelift effect. This procedure takes approximately ten minutes to perform for most people, and my standard rule of thumb for most is that they will look perfect the next morning. Many people will look great that night and be able to go out to dinner, but 99 percent of people will look perfect the following morning and be ready for their day of work without any issues whatsoever.

Over the years, as I have honed and perfected this procedure, I continue to be thoroughly impressed with the results and I often find myself telling people that they should hold off on surgical rejuvenation for longer periods of time than I used to. This is only because I believe that the results from this procedure are powerful. These in-office procedures are ideal for this time of year, as it will not slow a person down from their significant social and professional obligations that tend to peak now through late January.

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