Facelift, Rhinoplasty

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Meeting in Boston

I just returned home from the national Facial Plastic and Reconstructive meeting in Boston.  This is always an enjoyable meeting for me.  This is where many of my colleagues from around the world get together and we all discuss what is the latest and greatest and what new things we have all been doing.  Basically, we are all comparing notes regarding Facelift, Rhinoplasty and other surgical techniques.  I always feel very good about one particular aspect of this meeting.  One of my colleagues, who I respect tremendously, and I usually spend a lot of time together comparing notes because we both achieve very similar results.  We both always say that we will perform each others facelifts when the time is right because neither of us would trust our faces to anyone else. The interesting thing is that we always end up coming to the same conclusions about what techniques are best.  We will go a year or 2 without speaking to each other and when we finally talk we are both still always doing the same exact techniques.  Boston was a nice town and I look forward to going back there again.