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Revision Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

As a Beverly Hills Facial Plastic surgeon I am expected to give perfect or as close to perfect results as can be achieved and I take great pride when people tell me,”Dr. Diamond, you are the Best Plastic surgeon”.  I saw a young man recently who had a previous rhinoplasty and he has been devastated ever since that procedure.  He asked me to put a bump back on his bridge to recreate his previous “Jewish nose” as he put it.  His nose had been severely scooped out so that it resembles a ski slope at this point.  I perform many revision rhinoplasty procedures to correct ski sloped noses but most people want them straight.  I have actually never been asked to put back a large bump or hump.  I was not sure how effective I would be at recreating a hump.  I used a nasal implant and added sheets of cartilage to the undersurface of the implant and sutured them all together.  I was amazed at the result.  I was able to give him a hump just as he asked for.  This is not the best looking nose for his face by any means and not what I would have recommended had he asked me to what I think would look best.  But this is a perfect example of making sure that the surgeon listens to the patients and gives the patient what they want, not what the surgeon wants.  This has already tremendously boosted his self esteem and will continue to change his life for the better in many ways..