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Computer Imaging Involved in Plastic Surgery

The use of computer imaging in my Plastic Surgery practice:

The world of Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills is slightly different than most other regions in the world.  As a Facelift and Rhinoplasty expert in Beverly Hills I see people from all over the world who are looking to have the Best Facelift and Best Rhinoplasty that they can possibly have.  Many people who travel to Beverly Hills expect perfection or as close to it as possible.  The computer imager allows me to show people what the likely results are that a given person can expect.  It is imperative that the Plastic surgeon be careful to not show images that are not achievable because this will give the patient a false sense of what they should expect.  After years of experience I am able to determine the results that any given person can expect and I show them these changes on the computer imager.  This way the patient can make an educated and informed decision to have the proposed surgery or not based on the imaging.  By showing realistic results and not over promising I am able to have an extremely high rate of very happy patients.