Facelift and Facial Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills

I was watching TV while on the treadmill yesterday and I saw several ads promoting “Breakthrough medical procedures”. One was a minifacelift technique called the Lifestyle Lift.  I believe this truly is false advertising because they are making it sound like a new technique.  They are promoting a minifacelift under local anesthesia, nothing more and nothing less.  This technique has been around since the beginning of facelift surgery and the procedure is older than the person who began the marketing campaign.  I feel bad for the unknowing patient who is taken advantage of or is fooled by these clever and untruthful advertisements.  You should always choose your facelift surgeon based on word of mouth and reputation, not advertisements or gimmicks.  Some of the most skilled and most creative people I know are the top of the line facelift surgeons.  None of us advertises or promotes gimmicks but rather, we rely on our many happy patients talking for us.