Neck Lift

Necklift in Beverly Hills

I have been doing more and more neck lift procedures for people with poor neck definition who do not want to have facelifts.  The Necklift that I am performing first starts with liposuction to the remove the subcutaneous fat layer (which is the fat layer just under the skin).  Then I am dissecting aggressively under the neck musculature to remove all of the excess subplatysmal fat (which is the fat layer that can not be removed with liposuction).  I initially learned that this fat layer should not be removed because it is dangerous and as it could create significant hollowness under the chin.  However, I have found, over the last 10 years, that this subplatysmal fat removal is the most powerful technique in my arsenal to sculpt a neck.  I am able to create tight definition on even the most difficult of necks.  There are people who are considered poor surgical candidates and many surgeons will not even do their procedure because the results will be minimal to nonexistent.  However, with this maneuver I have been able to create dramatic contour and improvement for those people.  As far as the problem of creating hollowness, this is not a issue at all because of the way in which the muscles are tightened up over the excised fat.  The muscles are folded in to fill in the gap created by the excised fat so that the contour of the neck will be perfectly smooth.  This technique has become my “ace in the hole” for almost all necklifts and facelifts to create the “movie star” neck and I believe this sets me apart from most, if not all of my competition.