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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery

As a Rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills I have had the pleasure of performing rhinoplasties on  people of all different ethnicities including Latino, Middle Eastern, Armenian, African American and Asian. With the explosion of my practice in Dubai I have seen an even larger percentage of people who require ethnic rhinoplasty.  I feel very fortunate to have the high level of experteise and experience that I have doing ethnic rhinoplasty so that I can give my Dubai patients the best results they could ever hope for right in their own backyard.

This procedure requires a very specializes set of skills that I have aquired over many years doing ethnic rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. I have had many middle eastern patients fly to Beverly Hills and New York City to see me for ethnic rhinoplasty but now I am happy to be able to save them the travel expenses and deliver them the same Diamond quality rhinoplasty that people have become familiar with.