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Difference between Ethnic and Non Ethnic Rhinoplasty

As a Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty expert, I see people of all different ethnicities who are seeking the Best Rhinoplasty surgeon they can find. The term ethnic rhinoplasty refers to anyone who is not of Caucasian descent. Regardless of ethnicity the principles and skill required are similar for every person to create an attractive and stable nose that will not collapse or develop problems over time. Often times we see thick skin in patients of African American and Asian descent but there are also many Caucasians with thick skin as well. It is now well understood that to improve the appearance of a nose with thick skin we need to push into the thick skin and this is most often done with cartilage grafting techniques to support the tip. These are the same principles and techniques that are often used in revision or secondary rhinoplasty as well.

The aesthetic goals of the patient need to be discussed thoroughly on a case by case basis because some people may want to maintain their ethnic (or family) look while others will want to eliminate it all together. I see about 60% of people who want to maintain their ethnic appearance to some degree and 40% of people who want to eliminate it. There is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on the patient’s desires.  I really enjoy working with people of all ethnic backgrounds and now with my offices in NYC, Dubai, as well as LA, I have the privilege of doing a very high number of ethnic rhinoplasty procedures.