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Stem Cell Facelift

The Stem Cell facelift is being promoted by several PR savvy doctors in the community but there is no evidence that what they are promoting is real and the simple truth is that it intellectually doesn’t even make any sense.  A stem cell can turn into anything, i.e. muscle, bone skin, hair or any other type of cell in the body and to assume that a stem cell will turn into fat is big leap of faith. Fat has been injected into the face for years by facial surgeons but to claim that there are stem cells creating further benefits to the face or skin is, in my opinion, very irresponsible and misleading.  There is a reason that this is not even discussed at the best facial plastic surgery conferences up to date.  Any technique that has any merit is taught and discussed at these legitimate meetings.  There are no rules or regulations that doctors have to abide by when it comes to marketing and therefore, marketing in the world of plastic surgery is like the “Wild West” where anything goes. Buyers certainly must beware in this day and age.  The day of stem cells being useful in plastic surgery may be coming down the road but it certainly is not here. In my opinion, any advertisements to the contrary are quite misleading.