Beverly Hills 2010 Aesthetic Academy

I spoke at the 2010 Aesthetic Academy meeting at the Beverly Hills Hilton recently.  There were hundreds of doctors there from around the country and I met a lot of great and interesting new people.  I was awarded “The Outstanding Achievement in Aesthetic Medicine Award” for 2010 and I gave the keynote speech for the weekend.  I was asked to give a speech that would encourage and motivate those doctors trying to make it in the world of Aesthetic Medicine.  I described to the audience how I was able to develop my reputation as a top Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon.  The basic theme of the speech was that it takes a real commitment and hard work to become a skilled Facial Plastic specialist.  I was told that the audience enjoyed my speech and that it accomplished what it was meant to do.  I had fun writing the speech and delivering it but I think I’ll keep my day of job of doing Facial Plastic Surgery as this is much more fun and comes much more natural to me.