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Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty and Lip Reduction

Claudia is a nice young lady who is getting ready for a wedding and wants to look her best for that occasion.  She is hoping to make her nose more feminine and attractive.  She also has had some type of unknown material injected into her lips when she was in Mexico several years ago.  Since that time she has noticed that her lips have continued to grow and are looking more and more deformed as time goes by.  She also wants to have this material removed so that her lips will look more normal.  Claudia had a rhinoplasty where I removed the bump on her bridge and refined her tip making it more narrow and lifting the tip slightly.  I also removed a copious amount of an unknown substance form her upper and lower lip.  The material was white and a gritty appearance.  I suspect this was something called Aquamid which is a substance that is frequently injected into the lips and face in South American countries.  I was able to remove all of the offending substance and Claudia’s lips now look normal.

“Dr. Diamond has done such an amazing job! My rhinoplasty procedure was better than what I could have ever expected. Dr. Diamond addressed every issue I had with my nose from the medium sized lump at the top of my nose to the revising of my previous lip augmentation. I can’t wait until my nose has fully healed! You’re the best Dr. Diamond. Thank you.”