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Age For Facial Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills

I am often asked “Doc am I to young to have a procedure done”?  The answer to question depends on the person asking the question.  Rhinoplasty surgery is often done on people 15 years old and up.  Otoplasty or ear pinning is done on kids when they turn 5 or 6 years old (to prevent teasing in grade school).

Neck sculpting in the form of liposuction or even necklifts is often done on people in their early 20’s who were born with poor anatomy such that they don’t have the sculpted neck, chin and jawline that is so desirable and considered sexy and attractive by all.

Lower or minifacelifts as well are often done on people in their mid to late 30’s who have aged more rapidly than normal either based on lifestyle, major weight fluctuations or genetics.  The fact is our knowledge and skill level is so advanced that skilled Facial Surgeons are able to deliver amazing and natural changes for people who are looking to improve their appearance and therefore age is not a major factor anymore.

I advise people that if they are bothered by something that I can correct for them in an excellent and safe way then they are not too old or young.  People should only have cosmetic procedures done for themselves and not because other people think they should.  A Person deciding to improve his or her facial appearance is no different than someone deciding to go on a diet or join a gym to improve the appearance of their body.