When Should I Get a Facelift?

Diamond Facelift Patient Before and After photos For many individuals, getting facelift surgery is a question of “when,” not “if.” If you have decided that a facelift is in your future, remember that everyone ages in a unique way and on an individual timeline. There is no specific point at which it is clear that “now” is the time to get a facelift. Nonetheless, there are specific indicators that you can watch out for to help you decide when it would be best for you to reap the benefits of this life-changing facial rejuvenation surgery.

Aging Signs to Look For

Certain signs of aging can be valuable indicators that it may be time for you to consider facelift surgery. These usually do not include the first signs of crow’s feet wrinkles, the beginnings of nasolabial folds, and the early signs of facial sagging. Instead, you should be on the lookout for moderate to severe signs of facial aging. Loosened facial muscles, deeper furrows and folds, lax skin, sagging jowls, and sagging skin and muscles on the neck may all require surgical correction with a facelift. Patients should be on the lookout for these more advanced signs of aging in the lower face. If you have observed these things, schedule your initial consultation for facelift surgery so that Dr. Diamond can help you determine whether now is the right time for your surgery.

The Role of Age in Facelift Surgery Timing

Age plays an important role in determining the timing of your facelift surgery. A facelift corrects signs of aging that typically appear in candidates between the ages of 40 and 60. Therefore, most candidates who undergo facelift surgery are within this age range. However, some individuals with particularly good skin laxity, favorable genetics, and a healthy lifestyle may be able to achieve their desired results by undergoing facelift surgery even into their 70s. Others with signs of premature aging, especially those who smoke or have extensive sun damage to their skin, may be younger candidates for facelift surgery. While many candidates are in their 50s or older, patients under age 50 tend to see the best long-term results after facelift surgery because their skin retains more youthful elasticity. This helps the skin to respond better to the tissue adjustments, which leads to better and more natural-looking results.

The right age for facelift surgery is determined by individual needs. If you think it may be time for you to get this surgery, request your personal consultation with world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason B. Diamond. Call (310) 859-9816 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment today.