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What’s At the Top of Everyone’s Summer Skin Wish List? Answer: The Diamond InstaFacial®

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We all want to welcome summer with a healthy glow that we will be proud to show off at any event. Unfortunately, the extra sunshine and our busier schedules can take a lot out of our skin, leaving us with a dull, damaged, and tired complexion.

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Simply put, we need to awaken our skin cells, and the best way to do that is to focus on our overall skin health. Skin health is one of the most important aspects of a youthful and beautiful facial appearance, yet it doesn’t always get the care and respect it deserves.

Everyday life can wreak havoc on your complexion. This is only worsened by sun damage, less-than-perfect diets, and poor habits, including not following your recommended skin care routines (think not removing your makeup every night, ladies). 

So, if you need to combat that and restore a healthy skin glow, consider a comprehensive skin health treatment like the Diamond InstaFacial®.

What Is the Diamond InstaFacial®?

Dr. Diamond’s one-of-a-kind InstaFacial® is like no other facial. And patients from all over Beverly Hills and beyond have come to the Diamond Face Institute to learn about this treatment’s incredible benefits. 

Dr. Diamond’s InstaFacial® is a four-step, customizable skin health therapy that targets skin tone and texture. It does so by really focusing on one aspect: increasing collagen. Collagen is a miracle ingredient in your skin that cannot be rivaled.

This is accomplished with the following steps:

  1. Light laser: Laser treatments are used to address the skin blemishes that we all have. This can be brown spots, red spots, or other types of hyperpigmentation. Because no two skin tones or concerns are the same, no specific type of laser is used. Dr. Diamond will evaluate your needs to determine which laser technology will provide you with the best results. This may include Clear + Brilliant®, Lumecca™, Fractora™, or Forma™.   
  2. PRP injections: Before your laser treatment begins, a blood sample is taken from you and spun through a centrifuge. This will separate the plasma, which is the portion of your blood that contains the healing nutrients. When this plasma (PRP) is injected, it is incredibly rejuvenating to your skin.
  3. Microneedling: Not only is the PRP injected into the deeper levels, but it is also applied topically and rolled into your skin using a dermaroller. This tool contains needles that penetrate the skin, allowing the applied PRP to enter the top layers of skin while stimulating a healing response. This process promotes collagen production like no other. 
  4. Collagen mask: If all of the above techniques weren’t enough, Dr. Diamond finishes his InstaFacial® with a collagen mask. This mask helps collagen penetrate the skin even more.


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Why Do I Need to Worry About Collagen?

At this point, you’ve likely heard about collagen and its importance to skin and overall health. This “ingredient” has become something of a fad in recent years; however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t essential to your skin health. 

Collagen is the protein in your skin cells responsible for their strength and elasticity. Skin cells with high collagen levels tend to be firmer, leading to tighter skin with a smoother and clearer complexion. 

Our bodies do produce collagen. In fact, we create it in abundance while we’re young (which is why children’s skin looks so good). Unfortunately, that same level of production does not last. And when our bodies do not produce adequate amounts, we need to find other ways to restore it. 

Treatments like the Diamond InstaFacial® do just that.

Do I Need an Entire InstaFacial®?

As you can see, InstaFacial® is a combination skin therapy treatment. It incorporates many technologies and therapies that can be performed alone with good results — but not the results offered with an InstaFacial® treatment.

The benefit of the InstaFacial® treatment is that it is so comprehensive. 

With it, you are not treating isolated skin concerns; you are treating your face and skin as a whole. Focusing on all aspects of skin health is Dr. Diamond’s philosophy. He doesn’t cut corners, and by doing so, he can provide even more spectacular results.  

Is an InstaFacial® Enough?

Nearly all patients can benefit from an InstaFacial®; however, individuals with more significant skin concerns may wish to consider the InstaAMNI®. The Diamond InstaAMNI® takes the InstaFacial® up a notch by including donated amniotic stem cells in the PRP portion of the InstaFacial®.

Experience the Diamond Difference With the InstaFacial® or InstaAMNI® in Beverly Hills, CA

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