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What Does My Face Need?

These days, the debate between surgical and non-surgical procedures is heating up in the realm of plastic surgery. While statistics show that both surgical and non-surgical procedures are steadily increasing in number, many patients believe that time-tested surgical procedures are the right way to go, while other patients are curious about what can now be achieved without the knife.

a beautiful woman for facial recognition and facial lifting for rejuvenation

The face is one of the most common areas where patients desire cosmetic enhancement. The reason for this is relatively obvious: your face is always on display and is the first thing anyone truly notices about you. Whether age and sun damage have played their tricks on your skin or you are displeased with your natural contours, and whether you are interested in something surgical or non-surgical, the Diamond Face Institute has a facial procedure that will exceed your expectations.

The Traditional Facelift

Facelift surgery is one of those time-tested procedures that provides stunning results. Fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, and lax facial muscles all leave patients with diminished confidence. Facelift surgery addresses all of these issues on the mid and lower face to revitalize your appearance and leave you looking as confident and young on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Facelift surgery is designed to combat signs of aging and sun damage. This procedure is typically performed on patients over 40 years of age who are trying to minimize and erase visible aging to achieve a more youthful appearance. Facelift surgery will restore the facial contours you may have lost through time.

Diamond Facial Sculpting®

If you are looking to change the natural contours of your face, then Diamond Facial Sculpting® may be right for you. This non-surgical procedure creates facial definition to enhance contours, shadows, and angles on the face through the use of injections. By injecting fillers directly onto the surface of the bone, Dr. Diamond can alter the appearance of your natural bone structure without the need for more invasive implants.

This procedure is ideal for patients of any age who are looking to enhance the contours of their face. While this procedure is not designed to combat wrinkles and facial sagging the way that facelift surgery does, the injections will help to smooth and diminish the appearance of some aging indicators. These injections traditionally last between 12 and 18 months and can be repeated as necessary.

If you are unhappy with the contours or aging of your face, contact Dr. Diamond today by calling (310) 859-9816.