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Full Facial Rejuvenation Beverly Hills

This patient’s name is Lynn and she lives in Beverly Hills, California.  She spent years searching the right Plastic surgeon to rejuvenate her face.  Lynn came to see me about 3 months ago.  I felt that I could give Lynn exactly what she was hoping for and she decided to have surgery with me.  Lynn is now 6 weeks out from a Full facial rejuvenation that included a browlift, upper and lower eyelids, small chin implant, facial fat injections and rhinoplasty.  Lynn is thrilled with her results and this has changed her life.  She now has more self confidence then ever and she has seen that benefit spill over into her personal and professional life.  This is just another example of how ones appearance can directly influence and benefit how they go about living their daily lives.

This is the first “testimonial” I have ever written.  It is the first time I have ever been moved and excited enough to want to write one.  But I have just had the most amazing experience.  And it has to do with something I never thought I would do.  I had plastic surgery on my face.  I am going to start with the doctor because that is where it really all begins.  His name is Dr. Jason Diamond.  And he is incredible.  His Beverly Hills office, The Diamond Face Institute, is located on Brighton Way at the corner of Canon Drive.  It is a warm, relaxed state of the art facility and the staff is so kind and professional and they make you feel like you are the most important person in the world from the moment you first walk in.  I will say more about them later.  They are extraordinary.  I have to say here that I had not been planning to have “work” done at that moment of my life.  But the opportunity came up and I decided to do it, in a week and a half, not a lot of time to do any in depth research.  I was so worried I would not find the right person to do perform the surgery. And then Dr. Diamond walked into the exam room.  He is a tall, good looking man in impeccable scrubs, but the thing I was most struck by was his energy.  It is palpable in the room and reassuring. I figured he had the stamina to stand on his feet for hours in an operating room and remain fully present.  And then I looked in his eyes…they were blue and clear and deeply focused and I knew immediately that I could trust this man with my face.  I was totally right.  At the risk of sounding too dramatic, I have to say that Dr. Diamond is really a genius.  His attention to detail combined with his incredible artist’s “eye” for proportion and the look of the whole, allows him to create results that are truely beautiful and seemingly just right for the individual patient he is working with.  As he looked at my face that day I felt he really saw ME and that whatever he was about to suggest and to do would be with my unique and particular needs in mind.   My biggest fear going into surgery was that I would not look like myself afterwards; and that I would have the “puffed and pulled” look so many people have after the swelling goes away.  But Dr. Diamond made me look natural-even my most picky friends keep saying they can not believe how un-“done” I look.  By the way, though I don’t know that much about the medical procedures involved, I have to say Dr. Diamond’s surgical expertise must be profound.  My healing went so well and astoundingly quickly.  One of the questions I often hear is “but where are the scars?”  And they are almost impossible to detect-and were nearly invisible as early as 2-3 weeks into the recovery.  By the way, I need to mention another astounding force of nature at the Diamond Face Institute-his nurse and right hand woman, Janet. She is the consummate professional, full of compassion and empathy and information, and so talented in all the procedures she herself performs.  Janet redefines the words multi-tasking, and all this with grace and genuine caring for the patients.  It has been 9 weeks since my operation.  People that meet me for the first time seem to have no idea at all that I have had a facelift.  Since I know that I have, and because I am still basically a little insecure about being the new me, I hasten to tell them that “I just had my face done 2 months ago in case you are wondering” and every single one of them has said “you’re kidding…I would never ever have thought that”.   One of the best tributes to Dr. D’s work happened in the elevator in his building as I was going up to the Penthouse suite about 2 weeks post op.  A woman got on the elevator with me on the first floor and said “How do you stay so slim?”.  I told her I had actually had surgery on my face 14 days ago and had lost 10 lbs.  She asked what could I possibly have had done to my face since I was so young?  I told her I was sixty two and that there had been quite a bit to do.  Her jaw literally dropped and as she backed out of the elevator she sputtered “WHO was the doctor and WHERE can I find him?”  I of course told her he was just a few floors away and his name was Dr. Jason Diamond.  As the elevator door closed, I saw she was pulling a piece of paper and a pen out of her purse.  I could go on and on with the compliments paid by others to this Dr’s work.  But the important thing really is that I love how I look.  When I look in the mirror I feel a confidence and a joy that I have not felt in many years.  And this “from the outside in” approach is, I think, as valid as its opposite.  It is why I am a sincere believer in plastic surgery for anyone who feels they want it.  And if that is ever you, give yourself the gift of surgery with this outstanding doctor.  I passionately believe there is no one else who brings such caring, dedicated, love for his craft to every patient he serves.  Dr. Jason Diamond is unique and gifted and adores what he does.  I feel so happy and lucky to have had the experience of his (yes, I’ll say it again!) genius.