Rhinoplasty Surgery in Beverly Hills

My family and I celebrated the 4th of July in Newport beach at a friends house who is a Beverly Hills surgeon and I just did his rhinoplasty and neck lift 3 weeks prior.  He is thrilled with his results.
We were at a gathering where there was a very wealthy family with many young women who had extremely unnatural appearing noses.  Clearly they were all the results of poorly performed rhinoplasties.  I was amused as this was such a cliche and classic situation , the young wealthy women with 1980’s style noses.  I came to find out that they all saw a very well known older surgeon in Southern California.  I am surprised that Plastic Surgeons are still performing this type of rhinoplasty despite all the advances in knowledge and technique over the last 15 years.  I am not sure if the young ladies in question are pleased with the appearance of their noses and that is really the bottom line, but I am quite certain that they aware that they have a surgically altered look.  I was also quite proud to see the results of my work up close and personal next to the results of this other famous surgeon’s. (If this was a competition it would have been a blowout).