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Revision Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

International Patients

I did two Revision Rhinoplasties on people from Ireland over the last month.  Both of these women are from Dublin and they do not know each other.  I have treated several people from Ireland over the last 10 years but never 2 in the same month.  Both of these women had their original Rhinoplasties in Ireland and one of them had a revision in Paris.  They both had over reduced bridges that made their noses look scooped out.  Both had collapse and lack of support to the tip.  I used nasal bridge implants on both of them to rebuild the bridge and reconstructed both of their nasal tips.  Both women were extremely happy and I look forward to seeing them both again over the next year.

For my European patients and other international patients I have them email photos on a monthly basis to check their progress.  This has worked out perfectly for hundreds of foreign patients over the last 10 years.