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Face Models and Plastic Surgery

Late last week  I was part of a documentary that is being produced by the upper echelon of the Ford Modeling Agency.  One of the people involved is Shari Belafonte, who has had a very successful modeling career.  The documentary is about the challenges that face models and role that plastic surgery plays in enabling certain people to become models and others to prolong their modeling career.  I was asked to be the Facial expert out of several potential other famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and I am excited to have been selected for this.

  I discussed the Golden ratio (i.e. the number 1.618) which is a ratio that is found in nature and describes a certain compilation of shapes that when put together in that ratio lead to beautiful shapes.  This also pertains to faces and the practical applications are related to the equal 5ths that a face should demonstrate from the frontal view or the equal 3rds that a face should demonstrate from the horizontal view.  These are only a few of the proportions that the perfect face would display.  The documentary will be informative and fun and I look forward to its completion.