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“The Doctors” TV Show

May 16th, 2018 |

Specialists from all across the health and wellness field have always been welcomed to come on “The Doctors” TV show to offer their insight about health care tips, trends, and some of the most popular surgical procedures performed on well-known celebrities. Dr. Jason Diamond is no stranger to the celebrity world. He was invited to […]

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Is a Hair Transplant Worth It?

May 14th, 2018 |

Whether you are a man or woman, losing your hair can be a traumatic experience. For many, hair is more than just what sits at the top of your head; it is part of your identity. Losing a piece of what makes you who you are will never be easy for anyone to deal with. […]

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Maintain Lasting Tummy Tuck Results

May 8th, 2018 |

Tummy tuck surgery is no walk in the park. It is a major investment in both yourself and your future. The majority of men and women who decide to undergo cosmetic surgery do so because they want to feel better about themselves and boost their confidence (while ridding themselves of some “frustrating” trouble spots). Since […]

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Meagan Good Shows Off New Brows After Eyebrow Transplant

May 2nd, 2018 |

Actress Meagan Good has struggled with the appearance of her eyebrows for many years. By the time she was 19 years old, she had revealed that she tattooed her eyebrows on due to having overplucked them in the past. In spite of this effort, she was still unsatisfied with the results. Many people similar to […]

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What Is the Best Technique for My Rhinoplasty?

April 17th, 2018 |

Your nose serves as the anchor to your facial features since it is located at the center of the face. Due to its prominence, there is little surprise that a misshapen nose can be detrimental to your self-image and confidence. Rhinoplasty is the term used for the surgical alteration of the nose that can include […]

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Featured In – Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)

January 23rd, 2018 |

There’s nothing like celebrities and social media stars to influence the trends of plastic surgery, and nobody sets fashion, makeup, and image trends like Kim Kardashian. In a January 2018 article published by Women’s Wear Daily, “Influencer Subculture: The Kim Kardashian Lookalikes,” Dr. Diamond discusses with Rachel Strugatz the impact Kardashian has had on plastic […]

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Looking Radiant Cheek to Cheek

January 17th, 2018 |

Lifted and plump cheeks are desired by many women who wish to appear younger and more rejuvenated. Whether your face is relaxed or you are smiling, your cheeks are always on full display; however, as you age you lose fullness and youthfulness in the cheek area. Enhancing the cheeks, either by undergoing a cheek lift […]

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8 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelid Surgery

November 29th, 2017 |

If you needed an operation for a health crisis, you would most likely have a lot of questions. You would want to know what the diagnosis is, if there are any alternative treatments, how this will affect your life, what recovery will be like, how long after will it take to know the results, current […]

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Is Dr. Diamond the Secret to Kim Kardashian’s New Look?

November 18th, 2017 |

Does Dr. Diamond have anything to do with the new look KKW has been sporting recently? According to US Magazine writer Cristina Gibson—definitely. “How Kim Kardashian’s New Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond Has Tweaked Her Beauty Regime” discusses how Dr. Diamond changed the skin care program of the reality star, social media darling, and business […]

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Pre-Nuptial Pointers for Plastic Surgery

November 6th, 2017 |

Like many brides-to-be, chances are you care more about your wedding day than any other day of your life. In Dr. Diamond’s experience as a celebrity plastic surgeon, it’s not uncommon for future brides to be more concerned with how they will look on their wedding day than how they look on the red carpet. […]

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Dr. Diamond Discusses Shifting Beauty Standards

October 20th, 2017 |

There is a great joke about how our grandchildren will look back on our youth differently than we look back on our grandparents. Instead of the grainy photos of teens at a formal dance, our grandkids will have digital access to clean selfies, with a snapchat filter or two thrown in. Times are changing, but […]

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The Diamond Tripartite

September 18th, 2017 |

Beautification of the face is best achieved when a plastic surgeon focuses on multiple aspects of the facial structure. Attention to only one or two points of detail will be inadequate in achieving one’s full potential for facial attractiveness. A multifaceted approach for the enhancement of a patient’s facial structure provides more satisfying results. Dr. […]

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