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3 Ways to Tighten the Skin on Your Face Without Surgery

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Many men and women struggle with skin laxity (sagging skin), wrinkles, and fine lines on their facial skin. Whether from sun damage, age, lifestyle, or life events, these cosmetic issues can make you look older and more worn out than you actually are. 

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The good news is that numerous cosmetic procedures can help correct these issues, with one of the most popular facial procedures being facelift surgery.

While facelift surgery is great for correcting significant facial issues, it is an invasive procedure. Many people with mild to moderate facial skin issues do not need to go under the knife to get the skin-tightening results they want.

For men and women who want to tighten their skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on their face without surgery, Dr. Diamond has the answer with the following three non-surgical laser treatments:

1. FaceTite®

FaceTite® is a revolutionary laser light treatment that can help you tighten the skin on your face and reduce the presence of fat in the treated area. This treatment uses RFAL (radio-frequency assisted liposuction) to treat specific issues on the chin, cheeks, and along the jawline (including jowls). 

FaceTite® works by using radio-frequency energy (RF energy) to stimulate collagen deep in the tissues. This is important because collagen is responsible for the strength and overall health of our skin. With more collagen, you will see improved skin quality, including tighter skin. 

During this procedure, Dr. Diamond will insert the thin FaceTite® tool probe beneath the skin. This tool directs RF energy into the deep layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production while also suctioning out any unwanted subcutaneous fat.

2. Forma™

Forma™ is a non-invasive treatment whose results rival those achieved by surgical procedures (such as facelift surgery). Forma™ combines the transformative effects of heat and radio-frequency treatments. With this treatment, you can achieve a more toned and contoured appearance for your face.

For your Forma™ treatment, the Forma™ handheld device is applied to the treatment area to deliver radio-frequency energy. This RF energy heats the skin and underlying tissue to around 109 degrees. By doing this, collagen production in the deep areas of your skin is stimulated, which helps to tighten the skin and provide you with a more youthful appearance. 

3. Fotona 4D®

Fotona 4D® is a four-step laser treatment that actively rejuvenates the appearance of your skin. This treatment uses laser energy to naturally lift the facial skin by using laser collagen contraction, where new and healthy collagen is produced to give you a firmer, tighter, more refreshed skin appearance. 

For this treatment, two laser wavelengths provide rejuvenating correction to the entire face. Wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin are directly treated to give you the youthful aesthetic you desire. 

Many people have compared the Fotona 4D® results to those of a facelift, but the good news is that with Fotona 4D®, there’s no need to worry about anesthesia or downtime like you would with a surgical procedure.

Want Even More Dynamic Results?

While each of the three treatments above offers significant improvement to the look and feel of your facial skin, you can achieve even more complete results by combining them together into a Diamond InstaFacial®. This four-step procedure includes laser treatments, PRP injections, microneedling, and a collagen mask. And the best part of the Diamond InstaFacial® is that it is completely customizable to your needs and desires. 

You can look forward to achieving a dramatic and youthful appearance that can help you feel more comfortable and confident. 

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