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Non Surgical Nose Job Beverly Hills

The non surgical nose job is a procedure that I have been doing since 2002.  When I first started doing the procedure the media loved it because they have never heard of anyone doing the procedure before.  I was on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news. Inside edition came to office and filmed me doing a patient.  Furthermore, I was on the Life and Style talk show which was a daytime talk show hosted by Jules Eisner in Manhattan.  The entire segment was on my technique and the benefits of the procedure.

The nonsurgical nose job is a procedure that I continue to do for the appropriate candidates.  I was at a medical meeting recently where one of the lectures was on the nonsurgical nose job.  I discovered that this doctor who was giving the lecture trademarked the name nonsurgical nose job a few years ago and now it can no longer be used without his permission.  I at first laughed at that notion.  I have no doubt that he saw one of the shows that I did and got the idea from there.  I am not sure how the law works but I hope that I don’t get into trouble for mentioning the name nonsurgical nose job in this blog.  I have a video copy of all of the media that I did on this procedure 7 years ago and I wonder if I would be violating the law if I put them on my website now.  I probably won’t put that information on my website because I don’t think it merits special attention at this point because there are so few people who are actually good candidates for the procedure and it is so limited in what it can accomplish but wouldn’t that be something if I legally couldn’t display or mention something on my website that I first exposed to the public?  I have never considered myself to be a good business man.  I am a doctor first and foremost and my craft is what I spend all my time thinking about and perfecting and this is just another perfect example of exactly that.

Who would have ever thought to trademark the name of a procedure that you didn’t develop?