Chin Implants, Facelift

Beverly Hills Midface Surgery

For years facelift surgery has been effective at tightening the neck but the biggest weakness with a facelift is its ability to correct the middle third of the face.

The deep plane facelift is the best facelift for the middle third of the face and this is the first facelift technique that I perfected years ago.  Since then I have perfected many other facelift techniques to address different aspects of the face.  The midfacelift or cheeklift is an excellent way to correct the middle third of the face and it gives even more correction then the deep plane facelift but like any lifting technique the downside is that it is not permanent.

Cheek implants are notorious for being difficult to make perfect and therefore not many surgeons perform them.  I have been doing cheek implants for many years and I honestly have had extremely high success rates with these.  However, I was never perfectly thrilled with the implant design until now.  There is a new implant called the midface implant and I am very excited about this implant.  I have had extremely happy patients with this and I love the design and shape of this implant.  This gives a permanent result that I think will make the full facial rejuvenation procedures even better going forward.