Male Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Male Rhinoplasty

As a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty specialist, I treat many men who wish to have their noses improved. There are certain aesthetic principles that are important to take into consideration when dealing with the male nose; this is to ensure that the results remain natural and masculine. The most obvious principal is to keep the bridge strong. Some women desire, and look good, with a slope on top of their bridge, but most men find this look too feminine. A very important principle is to keep the projection adequate. Projection refers to the distance that the nose extends away from the face. Male noses require an adequate projection to maintain a masculine appearance. Many patients think that they want their nose brought in closer to their face. However, there is a limit to what will look good. It is a common mistake to reduce the projection too much, in which case the nose will look feminine.

The other main principle is to keep the nasolabial angle at about 90 degrees. This refers to the angle made by the upper lip and the base of the nose. (In other words, how much the tip is lifted.) Women look feminine and pretty with a higher-lifted tip than men, such that the female nasolabial angle should be about 100 degrees. Male noses look the best when the nasolabial angle is equivalent to that of a comer of a square or a right angle. In order to perform a successful male rhinoplasty, these principles MUST be understood. Being able to execute the appropriate maneuvers to achieve these aesthetic goals takes hundreds, if not thousands, of rhinoplasties and tremendous skill and patience. Male rhinoplasty is one of my favorite and most common procedures that I perform.