We just completed filming for Dr.90210 of a surgery on a very nice and deserving young lady who needed a major transformation.  I have done about 30 facial surgeries (mostly rhinoplasties and facelifts) that have been televised on Dr. 90210, Discovery Health, Entertainment Tonight, Fox news, NBC news, ABC news, CBS news and others.  I am proud to say that this is the highest number of televised facial surgeries ever featured by 1 surgeon.  This upcoming person’s case is different than the rest that I have done in that she is someone who is just trying to look like a normal person as she has some significant facial abnormalities.  I can’t go into anymore detail then that at this time but the episode will certainly be very heartwarming and as we were able to make a significant improvement in this person’s quality of life.  The episode will be able to be seen in the upcoming season of Extreme Dr. 90210.