Cheek Lift, Dr. Diamond's Facial Sculpting

Looking Radiant Cheek to Cheek

Beautiful Young Brunette Woman face portraitLifted and plump cheeks are desired by many women who wish to appear younger and more rejuvenated. Whether your face is relaxed or you are smiling, your cheeks are always on full display; however, as you age you lose fullness and youthfulness in the cheek area. Enhancing the cheeks, either by undergoing a cheek lift surgery, cheek implant surgery, or Diamond Facial Sculpting® can drastically transform your facial appearance, giving you an improved facial contour and a radiant smile.

Enhancing the Cheeks Enhances the Surrounding Features

All of your individual facial features interact and form a tightly fitting puzzle. When one element is out of shape or proportion, it affects all of the pieces surrounding it. When facial fat is lost, and your cheeks become hollow, your midface is not the only part of your face to change. Both of your eyes and the spaces around your mouth will follow suit appearing hollow and sunken, and you will find that the visible effects of aging may be visible sooner than you would like.

What Are Your Options?

While there are many different options available to enhance the cheek area (both surgical and non-surgical), some of the longest-lasting results come from cheek lift surgery, cheek implant surgery, or Diamond Facial Sculpting®.

With cheek lift surgery, Dr. Diamond makes tiny incisions in the skin without damaging the underlying tissue or muscle, which allows for smoother and quicker recovery. From here, the cheeks are tightened and elevated back to their original position. This procedure is ideal for patients who have experienced sagging of the cheeks but still have adequate facial volume.

For patients who have lost facial volume due to aging and other lifestyle factors, a cheek implant may be recommended to enhance the cheek area. Facial implants that are made from medical-grade silicone can be used to augment, define, and enhance your cheeks, giving you the contour you’ve always desired.

Diamond Facial Sculpting® is also an option to enhance the shape of the cheeks, jaw, and chin. Dr. Diamond injects fillers directly onto the surface of the bone to produce a natural result, and it can be performed with other facial fillers. This quick, non-invasive treatment gives you the cosmetic improvements you desire with immediate results that typically last as long as a year and a half and no downtime.

These procedures can be combined with facelift surgery to enhance your overall transformation. Gain confidence and experience years of more defined and youthful cheeks by opting for a cheek enhancement procedure.