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Featured In – Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)

January 23rd, 2018 |

There’s nothing like celebrities and social media stars to influence the trends of plastic surgery, and nobody sets fashion, makeup, and image trends like Kim Kardashian. In a January 2018 article published by Women’s Wear Daily, “Influencer Subculture: The Kim Kardashian Lookalikes,” Dr. Diamond discusses with Rachel Strugatz the impact Kardashian has had on plastic surgery.

[Kim] Is the Most Requested

As a plastic surgeon linked to Kardashian herself, as well as being a notable Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Diamond knows his faces, and in his world, no one’s face is more requested than Kim Kardashian’s. And why wouldn’t hers be? She has an amazing face, with the angularity many people strive for. According to Diamond, it goes beyond wanting any single amazing feature; for the last five years, people have wanted to look just like Kim.

It’s Not Realistic…

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Diamond has to set realistic expectations for his patients, and the truth is, many don’t have the base features to look like Kardashian. Instead, we can provide these patients with elements they like about Kim to be combined with their own features. Do you want high, angular cheekbones? Do you like her slim, chiseled nose? Dr. Diamond can take these elements of beauty and incorporate them into the canvas that is your natural facial beauty.

Surgery With Dr. Diamond

While Dr. Diamond can’t necessarily make you look exactly like Kim Kardashian, he can help you achieve a more defined and symmetrical facial aesthetic. At the Diamond Face Institute, we offer several high-end procedures, including Diamond Facial Sculpting, custom facial implants, and rhinoplasty. Dr. Diamond always focuses on creating naturally beautiful results that highlight your features.

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